Photo case book

Hope you like my photos. But I should explain them a little as I realised in the middle of the night last night that they might not make an awful lot of sense in isolation! Me & my other half DJ have had pet chickens for a couple of years now although most people think we‘re completely mad. We started off with Thelma and Louise (who were just as naughty as their namesakes!) but sadly Louise went to the big free range chicken coop in the sky in June after she got ill and so now we have Thelma, Lexi and Molly who you’ll see pictured.

Until now they’ve – as I say – been pets mainly (my man fancies himself as some kind of Good Life throwback) but I’m hoping they will help me in my mission to be frugal. Thelma (the ginger one) is pretty much in semi-retirement now as the egg production has slowed down (the common misconception is that chickens need a rooster to lay eggs – not true!), but she’s been showing Molly (the speckled one) and Lexi (the grubby white one) who have only just started laying eggs the ropes. On average Molly & Lexi lay about five or six eggs a week each, which should be more than enough to keep me in frugal breakfasts. Plus often we’ve got so many that we have to give them away to the neighbours, something that comes in useful when you need somebody to look after them when you’re away…or as something to barter with…

And you’ll also see from the photo album that I’ve been making some beer – under the strict supervision of DJ who had many mis-spent university years making 13p a pint lager – a great way to save money but really hard work as I found out. More to follow on that and the frugal tips gleaned from my Mum soon…The tomatoes are also DJ’s which I’m hoping to learn to grow next year…but fortunately am allowed to eat!

Mmm….got to go as really fancy a boiled egg now… 

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