Brownie shame

OK – all I can say is that if you haven’t tried Nina’s pumpkin & chocolate brownie recipe your life as you know it is merely a shell of what it could be, and if you may never know true enlightenment. Mmm…they are good.

To attempt to comply with the frugal diet, I took a batch with me in a Tupperware container (as I imagine the Queen probably does on days out) to give to my friend K last night. This was ostensibly to be the perfect friend and provide her with a tasty yet frugal gift, but really so that she and her husband would eat them and have that worry on their waistline rather than me. Surprise, surprise…she texted me in shame this morning to admit that she’d nearly eaten them all by the time she’d got home. Ha, ha! Well, to be fair, she is legitimately eating for two at the moment (unlike myself, who has done so for years without the excuse of being pregnant) so I was happy to be of service. (And if I’m honest, I ate two of them myself yesterday so am not without guilt).

The brownies were really wielding potent culinary magic on Hallowe’en night because I returned home, having dodged several children walking the streets dressed as the living dead, to find that DJ – besides skulking in an upstairs bedroom away from potential trick or treatsters – had also scoffed two of them. Go on…you know you want to!

Half the pumpkin’s innards remain in the fridge, so will have to determine a fate for them, whether it is soup, or lamb and pumpkin curry, which has been recommended to me. And I still have a mean pumpkin lantern on my bedroom windowsill, which I think is the epitome of fab.

And talking of using up pumpkin, how interesting that just a few days after I blogged here about how dreadful it is that a third of food is thrown away in the UK, the government has today backed a campaign by celebrity chefs to reduce food waste.

Can it be that Gordon Brown and his chums read The Frugal Life?! I hope so! The Love Food Hate Waste campaign is trying to encourage people to think more carefully about the food they buy and how it can be used or stored. Marguerite Patten on ITN news at lunchtime had some sensible suggestions – make a list before you go shopping! Good advice but funny how easily you get distracted and buy things you don’t need because you’ve stupidly gone shopping when hungry.

As usual, DJ is ahead of his time and has been reading all week about something called a ‘root cellar’ that you can create at home (basically that’s posh for a hole in the ground!) that naturally stores the vegetables you’ve grown during the year – especially things that keep well like potatoes or onions – in cold conditions without the need for refrigeration. He wants to dig one in our hallway, which I’m not sure about yet!

I’ll tell you about his basket weaving tendencies too when I’ve come to terms with them…!

Tell me what you think about this new Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Is it a good idea or a lot of PR puff? Are the supermarkets to blame for the way they package things?

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3 Responses to Brownie shame

  1. Bruce says:

    I only really like pumpkin in its unhealthiest forms, like the sweet goodness of the pumpkin pie. Although the brownies do sound enticing. Sod the waistline, and use the pumpkin for that, its worth it! I think it is want the pumkin would have wanted too. They only want us to be happy.
    As for the campaign, its a good idea, as ever the trick is convincing everyone to change their habits, which they usually don\’t tend to do.

  2. piper says:

    Changing habits is a very tricky thing to do.  I keep trying not to ask for a plastic bag in shops for example and try to remember to take one with me, but so often I forget.  Must try harder! I\’m sure you\’re right about the pumpkin!

  3. Nina says:

    I am pleased the brownies were enjoyed by many!

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