No Butts


It may sound a bit worthy but it’s dawning on me just how much I take fresh running water for granted. I met an old contact recently who used to live in Africa and he was complaining how the West treats water like dirt, and yet it’s a precious commodity. When I think of the times I’ve left the tap running while I’m brushing my teeth, washed the pans under running water, or just emptied a glass of water down the sink because I didn’t want it, I feel guilty. Not to mention annoyedthat I’m literally pouring money down the drain every year, because we have a water meter. We didn’t choose to have one – when we moved into the house it already had one. I think most of the houses on our estate do – it’s an old council estate and some of the houses are still council-owned, so that may be why. And as far as I know, once you’ve got a water meter you can’t have it removed. Our water bills here are a lot more than they were when DJ & I were living in a flat without a meter. I’m not sure if that’s the meter or because we also have a big garden and veggie patch that DJ spends a lot of time watering.

Plus working from home every day probably means I’m using a lot more water. There’s the extra cups of tea, washing up at lunchtime, not to mention the endless toilet flushes as I have the bladder the size of a pea and suspect I am drinking more hot drinks than I did in my old job. Apparently we use enough drinking water for a month in a day’s toilet flushing.

It’s a bit nuts, but I’ve started to apply a toilet flushing strategy I came across in a Friends of the Earth book called Save Cash and Save the Planet. It’s got one of those annoying rhyming slogans to help you remember it – “If it’s yellow let it mellow….if it’s brown, flush it down…” Get the idea?!

DJ is also toying with getting a water buttor butts to position around the garden. If we can connect one to the guttering down pipe we can collect rain water. He started explaining to me in technical terms how it works last night, but my eyes glazed over.

I’ve been trying to use any spare drinking water or grey washing up water to water the plants and apparently I would be able to store unused drinking water in the water butt too. Only using the washing machine a couple of times a week is probably a good idea too.

But…DJ says we’re also either not putting enough money into the joint account or we need to cut back on our spending again. We’re sitting down tomorrow night to go through everything again. It’s probably time to put into practice some of the money saving switching ideas I blogged about the other week.

My ‘fee cessation’ £70 bill from TalkTalk also arrived this week so have printed out my angry complaint letter of doom after spending weeks perfecting it and will be posting that this week! Will keep you posted!

Do you have any good ideas on how to save water in the home? Let me know.

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  1. Neil says:

    Very enlightening ideas shared by you. It is really a big issue to think upon. If the wastage of water continues like this then the day is not very far when most of the human population will be having water scarcity problem. So, some effective and determined steps must be taken immediately for the sake of saving water.

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