Merry Christmouse

Tiny Tim, aka Stuart Little, is still with us – despite chewing a mouse-sized hole in his box that we suspect he’s been climbing out of into the airing cupboard during the night. Great! Chewed copper heating pipes are exactly what we need right now!

I’ve been getting his box out of the airing cupboard during the day (it gets very cold in our house at night and the airing cupboard is the warmest place) and putting it on the bathroom floor next to the radiator to keep warm (with the bathroom door shut of course!). When I’m in the shower he sneaks out, runs around the bathroom floor (fortunately there are no holes he could disappear into) and then puts himself back in his box. Ah…! He looks so cute staring out of the little hole but every time I try to take a photo of him poking out of it he runs back inside and says ‘no paparazzi’. I have to admit he peed on my hand yesterday – probably because he was a bit scared of a creature with a hand four times the size of his body – but I’m sure it was nothing personal.

My worries about vet’s bills came to nothing in the end as there was no need to take him. I looked into getting a little mouse house for him but for £25 from Argos it wasn’t worth it, especially considering he seems fit as a fiddle and we will probably be returning him to the wild tomorrow. There’s a mouse colony in our compost bins at the bottom of the garden so I think that’ll be the best place for him as it’s nice and warm inside. It’ll be a wrench as he’s already become part of the family but it’s the right thing to do. Let’s pray the cat doesn’t get him a second time…

Mercifully all of the Christmas present shopping is done and all the parcels sent off. Shockingly the postage for six items cost almost £18. Agghh! Foolishly I sent them all first class as I am paranoid about things not showing up on time. Next year I have to get organised earlier and send everything second class. Plus avoid sending heavy things like books.

The next challenge is Christmas food shopping – something which can easily get out of hand in the Christmas panic. Luckily we’ve got all our booze cheaply from a friend who works for a wine company (thanks James!), so we’ll probably only want the odd bottle of cava, although DJ is partial to port. I’m making my own Christmas pudding – a decent one from our supermarket costs about £4.99 and I think I can do it for two quid. I also made some mince pies yesterday, although it was a faff making the pastry and mincemeat and the blender blew up in the process.

And I’m wondering if it’s worth having a turkey. They’re so expensive. Because we keep poultry ourselves we like a free range bird and from Waitrose last year’s turkey was about £20! Ouch. But if we had beef instead, that is £9.99 per kg, or free range duck – we had this once when we’d left our shopping to the last minute – is cheaper at £5.99 per kg and delicious. And there’s always chicken. Who says you have to eat turkey on Christmas day?!! What are you going to be tucking into on Christmas day?

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2 Responses to Merry Christmouse

  1. pete says:

    If anything as small as a mouse can survive the fist 24-48 hours after something that is as traumatic as nearly being \’got\’ by a cat then the liklihood is they will be ok, normally they will die from shock/injury/heart attack fairly quickly as they are so small, so he/she should be ok to release to the wild (taken a safe distance from the house ofc).

    And he/she probably widdled on your hand as nearly all rodents are incontinent! ;P

  2. Tattyhousehastings says:

    Well done you! Looking after a little mouse, gives you amazing karma, so sure your lunch will sort itself out! and I agree making as much as possible is best way, both should be much nicer and will save money. I\’m having a bash at making Christmas cake ice cream this year, seems to be mostly double cream and tutti frutti bits with some booze. V. excited about it. Oh and Great Nanny Nora bought us some crackers which was sweet, think they were exceptionally cheap though!
    Me and children veggie so will be having lots of roasted vegetables, and some stuffing, actually much nicer than nut roast!

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