Frugal success

Well, what a relief. My second week of the pension experiment has been much more successful than the first. My week begins on Wednesday, and by Sunday we’d already spent £55 of the £104.55 budget. Then on Monday I spent £9.99 on a fan heater for my office, and was annoyed with myself because instead of just going home I frittered away £2 on a charity shop book and £2 on fruit. On Tuesday I spent £3 at the Chelmsford day centre on a delicious lunch there. I’d assumed it would be all frozen stuff but the steak pie was freshly cooked. But I ruined things slightly by buying a drink for 95p on the way home as I was very thirsty – it was very warm in the day centre and I didn’t drink enough water and got dehydrated – and then paid 25p for tea at choir. That makes a total of £73.19 – £31.36 under budget! Still not enough to pay for the car service but we’re getting there.

The easiest way for me to save money is not to go out, which I find very difficult. I’m a gregarious person who needs to see people and do things, so it’s hard staying at home. Some of the days I got quite lonely and glum, so I could identify a bit with Eric who attended the day centre every day to beat loneliness. Luckily my neighbour Nina has two young children and works part-time, so she’s been popping in for coffee (free – hooray!) and we went out last week to walk her two terriers, Arty and Nessie, in Mill Meadows, which is great fun. That way we get to have a gossip and some fresh air and exercise too. Often I’ll go for a walk on my own around the block but I feel a bit of a spare part. Last night I borrowed Arty to walk so I felt like I had a purpose! He was great company and impeccably behaved.

Let me know if you have any tips for cheap/free activities I can try out. Have a great weekend. Piper xxx

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7 Responses to Frugal success

  1. Christine says:

    Many places may well have exercise classes like these where there are concessionary rates for older people and some of the classes are quite good for those of us who need to keep fit on a budget whilst getting a social life. You could try your local  leisure centre for these. You could also find out if there is a local walking group through your leisure centre as there are many places which have these and they cost very little. The walk leaders organise walks to suit different abilities from gentle strolls to something for the more active. I also use the bus pass to visit the local museums and art galleries as often these are free to enter and the displays change periodically. See if there are any local coffee mornings advertised locally – churches do them often. For the price of coffee and biscuits these are good places to find out what is going on locally.

  2. Nina says:

    I think you are doing great Piper.
    The dogs are enjoying our walks so much that if you utter the name Piper their ears prick up!

  3. carine says:

    my dad enjoys the library,he even signed up for a computer course,swimmimg is cheap and very good for you.

  4. Unknown says:

    Enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work.
    I\’m sure it\’s a bit wet and miserable over there (I\’m in Oz) at the moment but when the weather improves maybe you could consider cycling for transport and pleasure as a way of beating the shut in blues. A great way to save money on transport costs.
    You might like this site they have a free Monthly newsletter with free tips. It might be a bit specific to Australian savers but you should get some good tips.
    Good Luck

  5. piper says:

    Thanks for the ideas guys.  I think the bike might be a good idea – I need to get fit anyway.  Had thought about our local walking group – just a bit worried they might all be a bit hard core!  Oh to be a pensioner in Australia!  Bet that\’s a lot more fun than over here…at least the weather would be better. 

  6. elizabeth says:

    Apply for a bus pass, plan a route, pack some food and have a free day out 

  7. jason says:

    library books, radio 3 concerts, country walks, i save cash and then blow it because……….. \’in the long run,you die\’ – adam smith 🙂
    my sister is money saving mad, i save cash on the big things like not owning a home, not having a car, a wife, kids

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