A tour around our garden

The weather was good enough this afternoon to pop out and take this little video of our back garden and DJ’s vegetable plot…Hope you like it! One correction though – what I pointed out as our leeks are apparently garlic plants!  Oops!  Have a great weekend. xxx

Video: Our vegetable plot and garden

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7 Responses to A tour around our garden

  1. Peter says:

    do you plan to eat the chickens eventually? are you going to slit their throats? is it a good idea to let the chickens run around if there foxes around, foxes do sometimes appear in daylight. Do your neighbours complain about the chicken noise in the morning? Do you use a normal toilet or an organic sawdust one? do you recycle your own poo?

  2. Peter says:

    You can eat insects, theyre free and good source of protein, you may have a few in your cupboard right now.

  3. rik says:

    I wouldn\’t worry too much about the foxes getting your chickens in the daytime, it\’s very unlikely with people about. Maybe a good time to plant another apple tree if that ones on the way out, that way you should be able to have an ongoing supply, (in season of course!).

  4. Christine says:

    It\’s almost to late to put in another apple tree but you could nip down the local garden centre and get a self fertile dwarf apple tree if you are quick this weekend and it should get itself into action for next year if you are lucky. Self fertile saves you worrying about it having the right "friends" for pollination and a dwarf will fit into your garden quite well. Then you can get rid of the present tree next year. You could also try a couple of patio self fertile apples which could go near the house if you want – but do get self fertile.

  5. Karen says:

    I loved the video of the garden Piper! Thankyou for sharing it with us. The veggie patch looks great. You are lucky to be able to keep chickens! I would love too, but I would worry too much about the foxes. Is that hen run secure enough at night against the foxes? Dont you get some funny comments left! I might do a video too.  Watch this space… Karen

  6. Peter says:

    how do you cook woodlouse?

  7. piper says:

    Thanks for all the comments.  The chickens are pets – wish I had a £ for everytime somebody\’s asked me if we plan to eat them! And their home is what\’s known as an Eglu which fortunately is fox proof. We only let them out when we\’re physically in the garden or the kitchen now as a couple of years ago we let them out a bit too early in the morning & Thelma (the ginger one) was attacked by a fox. Fortunately she survived.  We were very lucky.  My closest neighbours tell me the girls make very little noise – although one over the back somewhere & who we don\’t know has apparently been moaning about them – makes me laugh as her hubbie plays the drums and makes a lot more noise!  It\’s cockerels that make loud noises early in the morning.  Haven\’t migrated to a sawdust toilet just yet….!  Not convinced about insects – although I did have a dream the other night I had to eat a cricket! Must have been reading your comments.
    We have to work out where best to put a new apple tree as you can\’t put it in the same spot as the old one due to disease.  Good idea though.

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