Budget fun

I forced myself to watch all of Alistair Darling’s Budget speech yesterday lunchtime – oh joy.  Not that there was an awful lot in there that was terribly exciting. On the whole it was a pretty dull Budget with not a lot going on. On the bright side, though, at least Darling is raising child benefit and the winter fuel allowance for pensioners, although whether the latter will make much difference considering the massive rises in energy costs recently remains to be seen. At least it’s something extra. And maybe Darling’s suggestion to the energy companies that they work with vulnerable customers won’t fall on deaf ears…we live in hope. On the downside, of course, anybody who smokes or likes to unwind after work with a pint or a glass of wine will be penalised by the hikes in duty. As will drivers. And his comment that if supermarkets don’t start charging for plastic bags the government might bring in legislation to force them to, smacked a little of jumping on tabloid bandwagons I must say, even though it’s time something was done about this issue.

Anyway. The little video clip below is just a bit of frivolity and nonsense on my part, but if you’ve got Budget fatigue it might cheer you up!

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5 Responses to Budget fun

  1. Christine says:

    Plastic bag tax for the next budget then if there are no other good ideas for raising money eh?  That should make grocery delivery fun where there is no easy access to unload in the kitchen without bags – another set of price rises coming?

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