A weighty issue

I have to come clean and admit to something terrible on the frugal front – I’m afraid I’ve added to my monthly outgoings by paying to join Weightwatchers Online.

Originally I signed up to a week’s free use of the site after I stumbled across it over the internet, but I decided I’d stick with it and paid for three month’s subscription at £49.95.

I was a bit disappointed with myself that my own attempts at frugal dieting at home hadn’t really worked out. But I was getting tired of my clothes not fitting properly, and felt it was high time I did something drastic and I know a few people who have successfully lost weight with Weightwatcher’s points plan. If you’re not familiar with it, every food item or meal is worth a number of points and you are allotted a certain number that you can eat each day. Plus you can do exercise to earn more or put aside. I’ve been trying to go on lots of walks.

OK – £49 sounds like a lot, but it works out as £16.65 a month or £4.16 a week. I’d quite easily be tempted to spend that on chocolate and biscuits each week, which I haven’t been buying. And I haven’t had to change the way I shop, buy any silly expensive dieting foods, or any costly exercising equipment. The software is brilliant and allows you to track everything you eat, look up foods to find out how many points they are worth and find recipes that are low points. And after three months the subscription drops to £9.95 a month.

But the good news is that I’ve actually lost weight for the first time EVER since trying to follow a diet. And I’ve tried a few – the South Beach Diet, Gillian McKeith’s books. I even tried a book I found in the library last year which was the No Diet Diet! It sounds mad, but it was all based on psychology. The idea was that you started trying to make your life more interesting by trying out new things, going to an art gallery in your lunch break, trying to do a good deed etc., in order to distract yourself from eating because you were bored. It was a great idea but at the time I just couldn’t stick to it.

So far – touch wood – I’ve lost six pounds and am about halfway towards my target weight. So before anyone gives me a good frugal ticking off, which I probably deserve, frankly I think it’s been worth the money. I haven’t lost weight every week – Easter was difficult for example. I tried to get around it by not buying any big Easter eggs – just a small bag of Galaxy mini eggs worth a point each and I’d have a couple of those each day so I felt like I was still enjoying my Easter. But DJ cooked a few nice slap-up meals at home over the holiday and he doesn’t really believe in low fat, so I didn’t lose any weight last week. I’d planned to do more walking to exercise it off but the weather was just awful. And whether I’ll keep it all off is another story. But as it’s cost me money I’m determined to give it a damn good try!

I’m taking a frugal break next week, so see you the week after next. Have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to A weighty issue

  1. rik says:

    errmm…I don\’t see why you need to lose any weight looking at your video, unless the lens has strange distorting effects! 😉

  2. Peter says:

    "whether I’ll keep it all off is another story."…….what a waste of money, you are not frugal!! I\’m so disappointed in you! tut tuts. the points system is just a simplied lazy version of calorie counting. But dont you realise that dieting is just a short term fix, thats why people still struggle with their weight long term as soon they reach their desired weight, they stop dieting and go back to the same lifestyle again and put all the weight back on again! ………….
    The only way you can remain slim long term is to permanently change what you eat and also exercise regularly. I have a six pack and i\’ve never had to diet in my life. I dont need to count my calories either, because i know what it will be approximately and if you exercise regularly and eat normally but tweaking your normal meals then you dont really need to bother with calorie counting. I\’ll tell you what to do……
    1) cancel your weight watchers membership. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! 2) permanently increase protein intake in your daily meals, (meat,fish,soya) 3) permnanently and massively reduce fat and carbohydrate intake(fat is obvious, carbs are potatoes and foods that contain a lot of starch and sugar)  4) permanently reduce snacking (THAT MEANS BISCUITS CHOCS etc) 5) dont eat anything heavy 2-3 hours before you sleep. 6) exercise 3 times week. resting on alternate days. 30-40mins each time. WALKING DOES NOT CONSTITUTE EXERCISE! nobody loses weight by walking! EXERCISE=RUNNING+SKIPPING+JUMPING+CRUNCHES+SIT UPS! thats it! simple! no money required, no gym or weight watchers membership! if you want to buy something then spend the money saved from the weight watchers membership on a pair of dumbells, thats all you need. weigh yourself every 10 days and if you still havent lost weight, then further reduce 3&4 and increase 6. SIMPLE and FREE!

  3. piper says:

    Thanks Rik – you are too kind.
    I know it all –  count yourself lucky that you have so much self-control and motivation.  I\’ve already tried dieting my own several times and it HASN\’T worked, which is why I decided to get help and support. Have you actually tried the points system? Yes it\’s calorie counting but you lose weight slowly, you learn about what foods you can eat freely and those you can\’t.  People I know who\’ve done weightwatchers have kept the weight off for years. It\’s EXACTLY the opposite of yo-yo dieting. I think you are wrong about walking. Walking briskly regularly – ie for an hour or more – is one of the best exercises you can do. And you\’re not going to pull muscles or strain anything by doing exercises at home without any training or support from a qualified instructor.  I am close to my target weight now and very happy!!

  4. rik says:

    I KNOW IT ALL, you\’re right but only up to a point. Everyone is different, when I sold the car and started walking I lost some weight and I wasn\’t trying. I do think there are lots of pointless faddy diets out there but what works for one doesn\’t always work for another. There are people who put weight on for medical reasons as well, (thyroid problems etc.). You\’re lucky if you\’re one of those people who doesn\’t put on weight that easy, not everyone is so lucky.

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