Wedding wardrobe dilemma

When I think of the number of weddings I’ve been to over the past two years it’s scary. DJ and I sat and counted them the other day and realised it was ten. That’s a lot of cheesy best man speeches! Not to mention forking out for wedding presents and, on occasion, the odd night’s stay in a B&B. DJ has also spent a pretty penny in the past on stag dos, which all seem to cost a fortune these days. Gone is the old fashioned idea of just going to the pub – now mates have to fly abroad somewhere to embarrass the groom.

A couple of years ago we calculated that in 12 months DJ had spent £1,000 on other people’s stag dos. Frightening! Although we have, of course, sat down to some very nice wedding dinners, it has to be said.

Fortunately I can say truthfully that I’ve only bothered to buy a new outfit for one of them – a lilac suit which I’ve probably only worn twice and embarrassingly managed to put a hole in at a posh wedding in a chapel in Westminster Abbey last year. Mostly my faithful old red and black dress has been dragged out time and time again, and occasionally when the weather has been colder I’ve got away with wearing an old work trouser suit, brightened up with some home-made jewellery.

But I was wracking my brains as to what to wear to the wedding this weekend of our friends Tony & Liz. The weather has been so weird lately it was hard to know whether to go for style or comfort. Buying a new outfit wasn’t really a frugal option, so it was a straight choice between the strappy charity shop dress I bought for a party for £4.50 before Christmas or an old suit. But the suits required dry cleaning and one also needs the hem on the trouser leg fixed, and I didn’t want to pay out for that so the charity shop dress looked like the solution. The only problem was that the likely cold weather – torrential rain and hail stones were forecast for Saturday and I didn’t have a nice jacket or wrap to go with it. Well, I did have an old shawl but frankly it had begun to look like the chickens had been sleeping in it.

Fortunately I bumped into my very glamorous friend Rachel on Thursday and when I told her of my wardrobe predicament she suggested a great solution. She regularly goes to a lot of posh dos and has a whole collection of fancy wraps, which she very kindly dropped round for me to borrow. Fantastic! I picked a beautiful black see-through one with diamante detail on it, which looked gorgeous and it didn’t cost me a thing.

Unfortunately I was still a bit chilly in the end as the weather wasn’t great. It stayed dry in time for the bride (who looked gorgeous, by the way) to walk up the aisle, but then the heavens opened during the ceremony. But these are the sacrifices you have to make for fashion!

Do you have any frugal tips for dressing up? Where do you get discount Sunday best clothes?


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5 Responses to Wedding wardrobe dilemma

  1. Christine says:

    Well done that girl – you look very pretty too! With a slick choice in accessories from here and there, you can do a lot with mix and match to make people think that you have more outfits in your wardrobe than you do. If you can pick up some decent skirts and blouses, wraps and scarves, a couple of jackets and some snazzy jewelry you  have the basics of an interesting wardrobe. The other thing to do is to work on different ways of putting up your hair and using a different style of make up to ring the changes. It may only be a ribbon, a fancy clip or a home tint to draw attention in a different direction.Keep a diary record of what you wore where for special events so that you can ring the changes by using the same things in a variety of ways without being caught out wearing exactly the same outfit often. Oh and have a chat with that man in your life – half of what he has spent on those stag nights would have seen both of you with some excellent outfits.

  2. Technogran says:

    I am very similar to you, just a few \’dress up\’ outfits that have to double not just for weddings but sometimes funerals as well or any dressy event. I never wear them often, usually in casual most of the time, and don\’t go out socially on an evening so my dressy uppy outfits have to last!

  3. piper says:

    Thanks ladies you are too kind!  Some great tips. I\’ve always found the stock black dress with different scarves & jewellery helpful, although I don\’t usually like to wear black at a wedding. xxx Piper

  4. fiona says:

    I have found that since ebay told all sellers to use paypal that prices on ebay have dropped!A top I have been eyeing up in Evans for £45 appeared as worn once for wedding. Including P&P I got this for £4.95!Another top i have been looking at that was £35 I just got brand new for £5.87. Both were immaculate!

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