Vegetarian week: Gordon goes frugal!

Who’d have thought it! Gordon Brown has come out urging us to eat leftovers to combat rising food prices! Mr Brown is busy at the G8 summit in Japan trying to tackle food price hikes and has called on the UK to start planning meals to cut down on the 4m tonnes of food – or £8 worth of grub a week – we waste each year.

Has he been reading your fantastic tips on how to save on your shopping bill I wonder?! Will they be eating leftovers at the G8 summit?! Mmm…doubt it!…Maybe Mr Brown will bring a doggie bag home full of sushi? It’s possibly a bit irritating to be told what to do by the dour PM, but I think he makes a valid point and you could at least imagine Gordon tucking into cold leftovers for his tea…! Whether the UK buying less food will make a difference to rising food prices, partly due to the rise in biofuels and the sky-rocketing oil price, is debatable though.

Now, I’m entering the last week of my challenge to beat rising food prices. And my final task is to go vegetarian for a week. With meat prices up 4.1 per cent in the past 12 months, going veggie could help me save cash. I have wondered about becoming vegetarian before, but my love of roast dinners and sausages lets me down, so I will have to use will power to steer clear of those meaty temptations.

I know it’s a cliché but I just HAD to make a nut roast. For years I’ve been curious to try it. This recipe sounded promising. Initially I was a bit worried about the cost of nuts – they can be pricey and you don’t always get many in a packet. But luckily we had plenty lurking in the kitchen cupboards – I picked up pine nuts for £1 a bag recently. And I used up some leftover bread in it too. Mr Brown would be proud. The recipe writer must have asbestos hands though! I nearly burnt my fingers trying to shape it into a loaf! In the end I gave up and just pushed it into the loaf tin.

But I have to say that it wasn’t bad. It was a bit like having stuffing as the main portion of your meal but it made a good lunch.

Do you think Gordon has a point? What do you do with your leftovers? Have you considered going vegetarian to save on your shopping bill


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9 Responses to Vegetarian week: Gordon goes frugal!

  1. Kenn says:

    £8 of food a week, eh? A mere snip compared to how much Mr Clown and his cronies waste each and every day! As for using leftovers, it\’s something I\’ve been doing for a while now as well as freezing excess meals etc. I think it\’s a cheek that someone like the PM is telling us all how to live when they were allowed to vote on whether or not to rise their own wages and keep their ludicrous second-homes allowance!
    Also, I think they should be targeting the bigger supermarkets who are the worst offenders for wasting food. I have been in places such as Tesco Express around 10pm and watched staff tip the day\’s fresh bread, rolls, cakes etc into bin bags as well as fruit/veg which isn\’t spoiled at all and just throw it away. I\’ve never understood why these food items that would otherwise occupy a landfill can\’t be sent to the nearest homeless shelter to be used the next day to give people a decent meal.
    Once again, the government needs to quit telling us what to do and focus more on what it\’s actually doing (or not) as the case my be.
    *gets off soapbox*

  2. Christine says:

    for good ideas try this page as it lists ingredientsThese are fairly simple, cost effective recipes based on things that a lot of vegetarians would have in the cupboard anyway.

  3. Christine says:

    PS you can have your roast dinner so long as you consider something vegetarian to replace the meat – it\’s not hard that one so long as you cook things in vegetable oil and don\’t make the gravy with animal based ingredients. Likewise there are vegetarian sausages!Mr Brown may well be right but there are many very vocal people just do not understand a waste not, want not way of life. The backlash is not from those who come here wanting to share frugal ideas but from those who do not want to be frugal at all.

  4. dogstail says:

    There was talk of bringing back "cookery" classes in school – many youngsters leave school not knowing how to cook anything more than pizza and chips – ie shove them in the oven for the requisite time listed on the packet!  Maybe the next generation will be given a more practical education including "waste not want not" and "make do and mend".   A few classes on how to make the most of left overs will probably be very useful (perhaps evening classes for their parents as well!).  After all, recycling is now part of the national curriculum for schools – why not take it one (or more) steps further?
    I grew up in a family where using up left overs and making do was second nature – we throw no food waste in the bin.  In the event that left overs cannot be used (or fed to the dogs!) they find their way into our green cone as a last resort.
    Some of the sustainability handbooks do contain some useful tips on what to do with left overs (I even read one recently that suggested drying the peelings, etc from your (organic) veg and crushing them up to give you a nutritious vegetable powder (bit like a vegetable stock cube I suppose) rather than throwing them away (mine go on the compost heap!))

  5. john says:

    as a 23 y.o.guy, my cooking isn\’t too bad, i don\’t have leftovers, as such. if i\’ve made too much of anything, i tend to put it in the fridge and have it tomorrow, or take it to work and feed the lads on my shift.  i make my own bread (four loaves most friday afternoons; by hand, no breadmaker involved) and would rather cremate something from stratch, than use the warm in oven/micro for XX mins method.

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  7. kat says:

    i have said this a couple of times on here now but im going to again as i think its important the government are keen to tell us what to do and also what to eat with all these healthy eating initiatives because they are so called worried about obbesity. well it costs alot more to eat healthy and is a lot more expensive to be vegeterian. mine and my husbands food shop is over £100 for around a week and a half because the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables is so highthe government should get the price of veg lowered poor families can only afford cheap processed would save the country money in the long run because there would be alot less health problems for the nhs to fork out for.also you should try to block this no name from leaving spam its so rude and annoying. if you see this no name people wont buy from you because your annoying at least go on a blog that is actualy about laptops.

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