City fitness – salvaging the pride

Posted by Katie

This week of fitness has gone really well for everything except for my pride.

If I could exercise with no eye-witnesses, it would be grand. But I just don’t have the cash for an indoor swimming pool in my rented flat, nor do I have a live-in personal trainer. So, out in the public I went.

I’ve swam for too much of my life to mind being in a swimsuit, but I was mindful of the fact that our local pool is frequented by people I work with. Fortunately, a swim cap and goggles makes a good disguise, so I was able to swim for an hour in peace. Tuesday cost me £4.65, and was a lovely way to start the morning.

Wednesday was a different affair altogether. I went to the £10 Pilates class I mentioned before near Bond St tube station. The class was advertised for beginners, which I am. Actually, a side-note is in order here. I am not graceful. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am one of the most graceless and uncoordinated people I know. This usually doesn’t hinder me, and I thought I would be fine.

Perhaps I should have thought about it more thoroughly before I went to the beginning Pilates class at a professional dance studio.

My first inkling that something was wrong was when I sat on the floor and noticed that at size 12, I looked positively obese. The ballet stretches many were doing was no comfort, either – and no one was friendly or talking. After a few minutes, I realised these girls were in competition and trying to out-stretch each other. I got into the spirit by contorting myself into shapes worthy of the finest circus side-show – and soon I was being noticed. Sometimes, I love being bendy.

The class was great, but the atmosphere was almost intimidating – perhaps if I joined full-time, I could belong to the clique, but who would want to belong to something like that?

In all, by using the community pool and the cheapest courses, I’ve spent £23.95 – which is quite steep for many people. Fortunately, the coming weeks should be a lot cheaper.

Finally, my week was vastly improved by other people who are hyper mobile. Your messages were sweet and supportive and just what I needed to smile through work-out pain. Thank you; once this is over we should all meet for drinks. Bring your partners – we could bring out our favourite bendy party trick to gross them out as a team.

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2 Responses to City fitness – salvaging the pride

  1. Camille says:

    It did not sound like a beginers pilates class!

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