Country fitness: Diving in

Like Katie, I decided to try out our local swimming pool this week, although I’m ashamed to say I only managed 30 minutes in it before I was thoroughly exhausted and worried that the lanky pre-pubescent life guard on duty would have to dive in and save me.

It was raining & I was in a hurry to get there before the lunchtime swimming session finished, so I ended up taking the car. I was annoyed with myself about that as if I’d walked there and back I’d have totted up another 50 minutes of exercise. Another problem I found was fitting in the swimming around my mealtimes. The pool session times for adults are 12-1.30pm and 6-7.30pm. I decided to go at lunchtime as I was busy in the evening, but I’ve always found exercising at lunchtime difficult because I’m usually famished by then. Of course, I was starving by the time I’d finished and ended up bolted my lunch and giving myself indigestion for the rest of the day, so I might try the evening session instead in future.

On the outside the pool didn’t look too impressive. Paint was peeling off the exterior and a group of yobs were hanging about by the entrance smoking. But luckily the inside was much more inviting and the pool itself was surprisingly pleasant. It cost £4 for one session though, plus I had to pay a non-refundable 20p for a locker, which then swallowed another 40p when I made the mistake of opening it to retrieve something. And as I only managed 30 minutes in the pool I think £4.60 might not be terribly frugal. However, I could buy a month’s discount card for £16 (£12 for concessions) which would give me 5 swims – so one free. What put me off a bit, though, was that all the preparation time spent getting changed, showering before I went in the pool and then showering again when I got out was longer than the actual time I spent swimming!

Walking – which is blissfully free! – has proved more of a success, though. I walked for 40 minutes to choir and back on Tuesday night, borrowed my neighbour’s dogs Arty & Nessie on Wednesday night and walked them for half an hour, then on Thursday I totted up an hour and half of pounding the pavement walking to the station and then onwards from Liverpool St to meet my friend. Funnily enough, I got slightly lost and as I stood trying to make sense of my map a Japanese businessman approached and offered me directions. He insisted on guiding me to my destination! What a lovely guy, but slightly embarrassing for a former Londoner!

On Friday DJ stole the car to go to a work golf tournament and as I walked twice into town I totted up another hour an a half of walking by the end of the day! Next week I will be braving the gym, though, and trying out a free three day pass to see if it’s worth joining. Have a great weekend, Piper xxx

Got any frugal fitness tips? Tell us all about them by leaving a comment.

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4 Responses to Country fitness: Diving in

  1. Gill says:

    I\’ve been reading your blog with interest for a while and thought it was time I put my pennysworth in. I\’ve been going to Curves for 2 1/2 years now locally, there are branches in London, it\’s a great way to keep fit. Women only working out in a circuit which takes 30 minutes so easy to fit in to your day. Cost £29 per month which works out as cheap as going to a keep fit class twice a week, I can go as often as I like but find 3 times a week is enough for me. I need to take excercise of some sort, heart disease is in the family so I try and take care of myself, and Curves is the perfect solution. Never been in a Gym before and never will, scary places!

  2. Sara says:

    Try FABS (Fitness & Aerobics Broadband Service) a fitness programme that you can access anywhere, anytime and for any length of time!!! Try Boot Camp, Yoga, Salsa Fitness or many, many more plus a diet plan and a personal fitness programme that is tailore to your needs!
    I am a member and simply want to tone my muscles and keep fit so I chose a 5day programme, you could chose a  1day or 7day and then it can it around your lifestyle.
    I am really impressed with FABS and so am spreading the word – FABS is £10* per month (*one off fee applies) and then you can access it anytime an follow your programme which runs in 12 week slots (you re-evaluate your fitness level ater 12weeks and recieve a new plan) It is great or people who cannot afford the gym, are self-concious (like me), cutting back on expenses, or want to fit it in around their busy lifestyle, plus it is a monthly contract so you can cancel and sign up again whenver you like!
    Go to for more information and click on the FABS logo (clicking on the sign uo here logo will take you to further information) and to sign up! Or drop me an email for more information, to ask any questions!

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