Country fitness: Injured at the gym

Well, I’m back from a week staying with my parents in Ireland and I’m a bit worried now, having read Katie’s last and somewhat enthusiastic post about pilates balls, push-ups and ski-sits – whatever they are when they’re at home!

You see, fuelled by the surprise endorphin rush I experienced after my first workout at Curves, I made an error of judgement. To get my frugal money’s worth from my free gym pass before I went on hols, I decided to go back for more the very next day. I did check with the instructors whether it was safe to work out again so soon, and they told me that it was fine as long as I had no aches and pains. Surprisingly enough, my aches and pains had gone the day after my first workout (maybe my body was just shocked at having been in a gym!) so I went along. I found it more difficult this time than I did the first time, so I may have overdone it a bit. What’s more, I think that faced with the seasickness simulator machine I told you about, I may have tensed before I got on it and injured myself.

By the evening I’d developed a searing pain along my neck and shoulders and along my right arm. Agony! I could barely turn my head let alone do any serious exercise! I hoped it would go away after a couple of days, but the pain only really started to ease from Thursday onwards, nearly a week later. So my plans to do some serious workouts at my parents’ were in tatters, as I didn’t want to risk making the injury any worse.

We did a lot of walking in Ireland, though, which hopefully helped and was – thankfully! – free, too and very enjoyable. Especially as the scenery, particularly by the North Antrim coast, is so gorgeous. Initially the weather was atrocious, but after Tuesday it started to perk up and we even got some sunshine. Hooray! And on the bright side, following my trainer dilemma the previous week, I picked up some new ones in the sale at SportsWorld for £7 before I went on hols! I was really chuffed!

But I have a sneaking suspicion that, despite my best attempts to eat sensibly on holiday and deflect my father’s ice cream, beer and biscuit assaults, I may have slipped in the fitness ratings. Let’s hope I can get back on the straight and narrow as we start our home fitness week!

Have you injured yourself while exercising? Did it put you off?

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4 Responses to Country fitness: Injured at the gym

  1. Christine says:

    Glad it was a good holiday – and glad that you enjoyed the free walking. Welcome home. Hasn\’t someone already told you elsewhere on this blog that walking is a good fun, free way of keeping fit? Well if gym type exercises hurt that much, perhaps the free walking thing could be a better option eh?  Especially if does less damage?

  2. Kitty says:

    Gobsmacked about your injury Piper! You looked fine as you finished. I was watching you from the table! I hope you get better and give us another go? 4 million women can\’t all be wrong about Curves!!!
    Kitty (Owner of Curves Billericay)

  3. piper says:

    Thanks Kitty. It\’s much better now thanks.  I just think I overdid things a bit. xxx

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