Country fitness: Exercising at home

Getting motivated into some serious exercising again has proved a slog these last few days after a luxurious week off. Dragging myself out of bed early after some lovely lie-ins last week (my mother believes in staying in bed late to save on heating) to drop DJ off at the station has been a struggle and the gloomy weather doesn’t help. Plus an excess of wine (a kind gift from our friend James) in last night’s beef bourguignon knocked us spark out and made getting up this morning a particular challenge. But while time is running out in our fitness challenge, I have a few secret weapons left. Oh yes!

This week Katie and I are trying to get fit at home, so I bought myself a skipping rope from Ebay for £2.99. Don’t laugh. It’s a proper rope one, not the plastic ones that boxers use. DJ has one of those already which, in an effort to be super frugal, I tried to use, but I couldn’t get on with the thing. It hangs in a funny way and I can’t skip properly with it, it just slaps me on the back of the leg. Very odd. So I tracked down an old fashioned type.

Admittedly, it is a little on the short side, despite claiming to be suitable for children and adults, but I can actually skip with it, which is a bonus. I was beginning to think I’d lost my touch. I do, however, feel a bit of a berk skipping with it in the back garden, which is overlooked by several neighbours who will all assume I’ve lost the plot.

Skipping can actually be a serious force for fitness. Apparently not just boxers but many professional athletes take it up. It’s even included in a book I bought ages ago called The Fat-Burner Workout (I’ve rechristened it the Fat Bernard Workout). Fitness websites say skipping is useful in promoting weight loss, cardiovascular fitness plus endurance and muscle tone. But you have to bend your knees to avoid hurting them and keep your back straight. I’m sure I found skipping easy at school but it’s much harder work now.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s my second secret weapon. At a friend’s suggestion, I scoured local charity shops for a cheap exercise video. Everyone else must have the same idea as I couldn’t find any. Eventually a lady in the know told me to visit Barnardo’s and there it was. A shiny but ancient Rosemary Conley video for just 49p. Hooray!

I’ve never tried an exercise video before, so it should prove an eye opener. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Do you use fitness videos? Can you recommend any good ones?

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6 Responses to Country fitness: Exercising at home

  1. Christine says:

    I still reckon you girls would enjoy having a go with a hoola hoop – everything you\’ve tried is so normal she said laughing which is probably why you aren\’t very keen. You\’ll love some of the benefits of hoola hoops listed on that site too!!!!!!!!!!

  2. piper says:

    Hi Christine. Hope you\’re fine & dandy.  But where would you get one from?  Ebay?

  3. Christine says:

    Well you can buy them in the "Spend and Save" shop down our road for coppers. Or you could shove "buy a hula hoop" into the UK pages of a well known search engine and get all your answers. It\’s a question that has even been asked on the famous Money Saving Expert website So you won\’t be the first person who has thought of it as a money saving way of exercise she says laughing ….

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