Country fitness: the cut-price exercise video

Being exercise shy all my life, I’ve never used a fitness video before or even had the urge to try one out until faced with our fitness challenge. So I’ve wondered why other people feel drawn to them. I’ve always thought working out in my living room in front of the gogglebox would make me feel a bit of a twit really. I don’t know why. After all, it’s not half as embarrassing as exposing your spare tyre and puny muscles to all and sundry at a gym. At least you’re in the comfort of your own home and you can draw the curtains if necessary. But I was also put off by a friend of mine and her husband who tried out a particularly vigorous Davina McCall vid and said they could barely walk for a week afterwards.

So I felt some trepidation when, after some procrastination on my part, I finally put my 49p Rosemary Conley video, scavenged from my local Barnardo’s shop, to the test this morning. No offence to Ms Conley but I have to say that as soon as I pressed play I burst out laughing. It was filmed in the early 1990s, judging from the cheesy music which instantly reminded me of my teenage years, big hair and colourful leotards. What a shame I had no lycra handy to do it proper justice I thought, as I stood there sweating in my scruffy pyjamas. DJ kindly offered to lend me his lycra sports shorts but I declined.

The ‘elementary workout’ it began with gave me a false sense of security. It was essentially a warm-up exercise or a taster for really unfit people, so after a month of trying to get fit it was relatively easy. But things got increasingly difficult in the intermediate workout. Luckily for my bum knees, it was all low-impact stuff – stretching, walking up and down and a bit of bouncing about, which I was a bit concerned about as the instructor at Curves told me bouncing while stretching is frowned upon nowadays as it can cause an injury. But I’m not sure if that’s just while warming up and warming down. And I found the floor work tricky, especially as our laminate flooring in the lounge isn’t terribly comfortable to lie on. I tried using a rug which was a bit more comfy, but the other issue was that while you’re lying on the floor it’s hard to see what Rosemary is doing and copy it correctly.

By the time I was onto the individual body section exercises, I really struggled with the lower body workout. Lying on my front, I was embarrassed to find I couldn’t lift my knees and point my toes in the air as the fit ladies on the video were effortlessly doing. I was tempted to give up but struggled on.

However, Rosemary reckons if I did this workout three times a week I’d soon seen the benefits, though, so I might give it a go. It felt gentler than my workout at Curves but took 40 minutes to do in total, although Rosemary says you can just do a 10 to 15 minute work out three times a week and still get fit. And I think this is something affordable that you could easily include in your weekly routine, unlike going to the gym. You didn’t need much special equipment either – apart from a weird piece of elastic Rosemary was using to stretch her limbs that you could make at home but I did without. The downside, though, is that there’s obviously no instructor to tell you if you’re doing it all wrong.

My arms are aching a bit again too, so I’ll have to see if I can still get out of bed tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, xxx Piper

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5 Responses to Country fitness: the cut-price exercise video

  1. Christine says:

    Shush and I\’ll tell you a secret. I hate exercise too so I\’ve always tried to take jobs that involve activity in some shape or form. I find that if there is money involved it\’s a great incentive. I\’ve certainly done a variety of jobs – think market stall holder, shop assistant, packing biscuits, gardener, working in a canteen, cleaner, taking coats in a dance hall, working in a pub kitchen. Not that I would recommend any of them but they were fun at the time as well as keeping house and home together. A computer has a lot to answer for if you use one as part of your job as these are usually bum on seat job. Stick with the exercise tape – it will probably amuse the man of the house if nothing else.

  2. Benjamin says:

    You should try Callanetics. It\’s probably the best kept secret for getting a great body. Pick up the old 1986 video and give it a go. It really is better than Pilates, better than aerobics…in fact it is THE BEST workout! It\’s also great if you hate to exercise as it\’s totally different to all those other fitness videos out there.

  3. Nick says:

    Why are politicians so thick.  Windfall taxes will only add to energy inflation.  Energy companies have to invest billions in rebuilding power stations, oil exploration, building rigs and pipelines.  This all comes from retained profits.  If this thieving Labour government takes these funds it will force them to increase their prices even further.  Labour have robbed nearly everything it is possible to rob and left the country bankrupt.  The only solution is to slash public spending, first of all by getting rid of all the useless non jobs, regulation and red tape strangling business and non contributory pensions for public sector workers.
    I have the perfect solution to rising prices, don\’t pay for things, nick them.  The chances are you will get away with it. The prisons are full and old bill is more interested in motorists and decent people for petty things to raise more taxes.  nicking criminals costs money.

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