Country fitness: Hula hooping for grownups

I can’t believe its September already and the fitness challenge is almost over. The month’s gone surprisingly quickly, but I’m not sure how fit I’ve become in that time! I fear that the sophisticated Katie in the City may have the edge. Very soon all will be revealed and the winner of our challenge to get fit on a budget will feel suitably triumphant.

Meanwhile I’ve been persevering with the ancient Rosemary Conley video and the pink leotards. I’m trying to make it part of my daily routine before I start work in the mornings (the workout that is, not the pink leotards). And I did a bit more skipping over the weekend.

But Christine, a regular commentator on the blog, tells me she thinks this is all a trifle stuffy. She reckons Katie and I have been too tame in our fitness pursuits and should try out something more exotic. She may have a point.

In fact, Christine has been trying to get me to attempt hula-hooping for grown-ups. I was a bit puzzled about where to obtain a hula hoop from, but apparently you can get them cheaply in Tesco’s and local pound shops, although I can’t recall seeing them in any of my local stores. I could try buying one on Ebay I suppose, but I wonder what my long-suffering postman would say! Maybe he’d come hulaing down the path with it…Of course, there’s always Freecycle. But a specialist ‘hooping’ site tells me a child’s one is no good – I need to buy an adult-sized one or make one myself.

I’m keeping a look out for one, but I wonder about the frugal possibilities, considering it’s highly likely I’ll hula for a couple of minutes and then give it up as a bad job. I was never much good at it as a child and I got enough funny looks from neighbours over the weekend while I was skipping in the back garden. What’s more the ‘pelvic bruises’, hip pain and other problems some hoopers seem to experience is a bit off-putting.

Joanne has also emailed me suggesting I try out an intriguing surfing exercise regime called Surf Stronger. I’m not sure exactly how much surfing goes on in deepest darkest Essex and I can’t say I’ve ever had the nerve to try surfing for real, but it’s interesting to see the unusual angles people use to make fitness more exciting or cater for particular sports.

Pole dancing has also become a popular way to get fit in recent years, not just among Hollywood starlets but also in the UK. And I suppose that while you’d have to pay for a few lessons and maybe – if you were really keen – install your own pole in the lounge (mmm…explain that one to your Mum!), once it was up and running there wouldn’t be too many other costs involved. When I suggested it to DJ he seemed surprisingly keen on me trying it out. But I’m not sure hanging upside down like a bat is me, though. I get dizzy just standing up sometimes.

But I’m hoping a good old fashioned boogie at a friend’s birthday party this weekend will help me shake off the pounds.

What weird and wonderful exercise regimes have you come across? Do they work?

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3 Responses to Country fitness: Hula hooping for grownups

  1. Tattyhousehastings says:

    Pole dancing is seriously a new phenomenon that I hate, find it too sexist, and well, call me prudish but just plain tarty. However the good people of Hastings clearly disagree as our local Active Hastings (sort of PCT/NHS funded) actually runs pole dancing classes and last week when I ventured out in to the Town Centre pubs I found out that many local pubs actually have poles! So I guess, one could pop on one\’s pink leotard and do a free show!!! Shudder Shudder.
    I\’ve borrowed a dog and am attempting long walks everyday instead!
    Good luck the fitness though…

  2. piper says:

    Hello there. Thanks for the comment. Yes I feel a bit like that about it too. Call me a prude – and I am a terrible one actually!
    Dog walking is the way forward. It\’s great fun and you can easily go for a good hearty walk for an hour and not notice the time passing. Whereas when I tried to jump up and down on a trampette I spent the whole 20 minutes clockwatching. What kind of dog does your friend have? xxx

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