The frugal plague

How are you doing? The frugal life hasn’t been a great deal of fun in the past week or so, I’m afraid, as I’ve been laid up with a chest infection while I was supposed to be taking a little time off.  And it hasn’t quite shifted yet. Apparently there is a lot of it about.  Antibiotics and decongestants – not to mention the mountain of tissues I’ve got through – isn’t terrible frugal.

But thanks for all your frugal Christmas tips – I will be putting up a list of them tomorrow.

Take care,

Piper xxx

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3 Responses to The frugal plague

  1. Christine says:

    Poor old you – fancy being unwell in time off. And aren\’t the prices of prescriptions high? And there are no frugal ways round them that I know of as you can\’t leave it till you get to pensionable age can you?

  2. Rachel says:

    Speaking of Frugal prescriptions…..

    I have found in the past that if you go to Asda, Tesco or Sainsburys for your prescription and ask they will recommend a no name brand that has the exact same ingredients as the Dr prescribed one but is about half the price of getting it "for free" on the NHS!

  3. piper says:

    I know – £7.10 is outrageous!  I don\’t get prescriptions that often so always have to ask how much it is as it\’s always going up. I think there\’s those pre-paid certificates you can get but it\’s probably not worth it unless you\’re on prescriptions long term.

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