A Hair-raising False Economy

I am blogging today from the depths of hair disaster hell. My crowning glory has been reduced to something you’d probably recognise from the video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and I’ve got nobody to blame for the hair-raising results but myself.

My Mum and Dad are arriving on Friday to stay with us for the weekend and as I thought my mane was looking a bit unkempt, I decided to give myself a pre-Christmas haircut on Sunday afternoon. Now I’ve done this many times before and not normally had any problems, well, apart from occasionally cutting one side slightly shorter than the other. But somehow I made a real hash of it this time. Initially I thought it was because I was wearing a black T-shirt while I was doing it and in the poor afternoon light – with dark brown hair against a black background – I couldn’t see what I was doing. However, having tried to repair the damage today – a foolish move on my part which simply made the existing problem worse – I realise that, along with user error, it’s mainly down to the kitchen scissors I’ve been using.

Now I appreciate that a poor workman blames his tools, but being a moron I wondered why I was having difficulty cutting through my hair, until it dawned on me today that the scissors are completely blunt. Let me take this as another opportunity to blame everything on poor DJ who has been taking them out into the garden to use for something horticultural in nature, no doubt leaving them outside in the rain. Oh dear…maybe I should let him loose on me with his garden shears. I don’t think he could do any more damage than I’ve managed to already…

There being nothing else for it – well, apart from just wearing my hair up in a bun all weekend for shame when my parents arrive – I feel I have no choice but to throw myself on the mercy of the nearest cut-price hair salon and pray they can fix it.

But I’m too embarrassed to go back to my usual one and admit to them what I’ve done. I started cutting my own hair again because they put the prices up. So I’m busy trawling through the Yellow Pages to find a salon where I will be nothing but an Einstein-coiffed stranger…

How much would you spend on a hair cut? Have you ever cut your own hair? Leave a comment and let me know – especially if you’ve got any good fix-it tips!

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9 Responses to A Hair-raising False Economy

  1. Christine says:

    Ain\’t it but true that sometimes the economy can be false? In truth there are some things that you can afford to cut corners with – like a haircut as you have found. You may be lucky in that you have a walk in hairdresser locally where you just join the queue. Often these places are cheaper than where you book an appointment and are quite happy to cut your hair at just the price of a cut so long as you have washed it just before you go (yep they can tell). I find my hair doesn\’t like a change of shampoo so always do this. And it saves on you needing to have your hair blow dried before leaving the shop. It\’s a bit more time consuming but then again – if you want an appointment it costs more. On the subject of hair, cheap shampoo maybe does not last as long and go as far as something a little more costly. It\’s pointless getting a shampoo that is so watery that you need to use twice as much as if you had paid that little bit more.

  2. Kerri says:

    oh dear! hope you manage to find somewhere to fix the \’minor disaster\’ without blowing the budget. I must admit, one thing I do have slight \’issues\’ with is my hair – I think it\’s cos I had it short for significant periods when I was growing up so missed out on the \’french pleat\’ \’top pony\’ etc etc phases when I was younger. Now I am a nightmare – my friends at work laugh, I often think my hair is a mess when to them, it looks fine. I did used to pay £120 per visit (cut, highlights etc) to a salon although i never always got exactly what I wanted. Luckily, a friend put me onto one of her friends who WFH several years ago and not only is is considerably cheaper (although I do tend to go more often) but I trust her 100%, and would prob go into meltdown if she told me she was giving up doing hair. IMO a good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold – and I don\’t mind cutting back elsewhere to allow for that one thing.

  3. Kevin says:

    Errrr…my Mother once cut my hair (just the once) and it looked like a pyramid 🙂
    Advice: a wig, or a bald head topped with a golden tiara or head band (look nice on some women).
    Or perhaps you could buy some oatcakes – they\’ll make you feel better 🙂
    Probably not very useful. hehehe
    Best wishes

  4. Kiki's Girl says:

    I have found my hair stylist increased their prices by 50% over a year so left them. Ok so at the moment I am managing by just trimming my hair msyelf, but I have worked out that if you pay once for a really good stylist, you can usually manage to grow it out "in style" and perhpas find a backstreet stylist who can manage to just keep it in style. Sometimes paying once for a really good job pays off. My last haircuat cost me £45 but has lasted since june last year with me just trimming the bangs. Just a thought.

  5. Judith says:

    I use the local technical college and consequently have my, very thick, longish hair done every week for £3. It\’s cheaper than doing it myself (even if I could) as it takes at least an hour (by them) with the hair dryer, nevermind the hot water, building heating, shampoo and conditioner etc. Judi

  6. Peter says:

    Its easier for guys. I pay between £7 and £9 for a level 3 (whole head). Lasts for ages and the people in the hairdressers are very pleasant. If I were out of work might have to consider clippers but not sure its the first economy to follow.

  7. Shirley says:

    I recently had the best haircut (and colour) I think I\’ve ever had (and friends and family agree) and it was completely FREE. Yes, FREE. That\’s the cut AND colour. It was done at Mahogany Academy (google it) in London by fully qualified professionals, NOT students or trainees.It is done in front of an audience as a demonstration of their cutting/colouring techniques, so you have to be comfortable with a bunch of strangers staring at you for a few hours and then happy to let them photograph the finished results, but it\’s a small price to pay for a great cut I think, and they\’re always looking for models :o)

  8. Monsungeist says:

    I\’ve been cutting my own hair for years since I saw a great hair cutting technique for long hair – if you comb your hair into a tight ponytail (middle of the back of the head) you then bring the tail over your head and cut a \’U\’ shape into it, when you let it go, the hair will be evenly cut all round. The flatter the \’U\’ shape, the straighter the cut! It takes about a minute to do, is free and looks great. If you practice, using the same technique, its easy to cut in layers too.

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