Budget Brand Christmas: Bucks Fizz

For the final part of my budget brand Christmas food experiment I had the task of trying out the bucks fizz I’d purchased from Asda and Lidl – a popular tipple at Christmas time. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it! And for this task DJ deigned to join in. Unfortunately my local Aldi was sold out of theirs, so I was unable to try it out. So if you’ve been luck enough to find some, do let me know what you think of it.

First up was Asda’s bucks fizz, costing a credit crunching £1.84 for 75cl. I was pleasantly surprised. It was very quaffable and orangey in flavour, with little bits of fruit in it. But then I like my booze sweet. DJ complained that while it was perfectly drinkable it tasted more like fizzy orange juice than bucks fizz, and he had a point. The alcoholic volume was only 3.9 per cent which would explain why.

In comparison the Lidl bucks fizz, more expensive at £2.99 for 75 cl, had a more bitter alcoholic flavour to it, tasting more like a true bucks fizz. And unsurprisingly, the alcohol volume with this product was higher at 5.5 per cent. It was also very drinkable and out of the two bottles was our preferred product.

Final scores:

Asda bucks fizz £1.84 – 5/10

Verdict: Very pleasant and an excellent price, but more like fizzy orange than a bucks fizz.

Lidl’s bucks fizz – 7/10

Verdict: Quaffable, more expensive than the Asda version but a more faithful bucks fizz.

Have a great weekend xxx Piper.

Which stores do you think are best for budget Christmas booze?


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3 Responses to Budget Brand Christmas: Bucks Fizz

  1. Christine says:

    No store is good for booze if you are teetotal like me. Yesterday when going to buy a loaf of bread I followed a loaded trolley full of booze and chocolate. And wondered why on earth so much was necessary for one holiday which stretches over 2 days. If it was presents – would you dare give your friends and family identical boxes of chocolates and bottles of plonk not knowing what their personal tastes are and whether they had enough of either – or whether they really wanted either. If it was for one family – well that trolley load would have far too much than enough for mine as a child when there were six brothers and a sister – all married with children and of course their in-laws. They had seen the result of drink in that it left the family homeless and broke in the Great Depression and were very abstemious indeedy. If they were here now they would not wish trolley loads of booze on anyone from their experience. I suppose their experience is part of my inheritance.

  2. piper says:

    Ah…that sounds awful. I remember queuing up in Asda once on Christmas Eve behind a similar trolley filled with nothing but cheap crisps and lager, wondering if that\’s what they were eating for Christmas dinner but maybe it was just for a party. We\’ll be putting on some home brew beer which is delicious but won\’t be ready in time for Christmas now as we didn\’t get around to it soon enough. You must save a lot of money being teetotal too.

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