Raise the Jobseeker’s Allowance – Sign My Petition!

You may remember that back in March, I underwent a challenge to live on the equivalent of the Jobseeker’s Allowance – or £60 a week (now £64.30 for the over 25s). It was, it has to be said, only for a fortnight and of course, unlike a real jobseeker I wasn’t spending time and money on travelling to job interviews and printing out CVs, but it was shock enough.

I knew things were tough out there, but I learned from all the comments and messages from many of you who have lost your jobs just how little people have to live on, how difficult it is to get what you should be entitled to under the National Insurance system, plus your struggles with the Jobcentre Plus system.

Anyway, at the time I was struck by a comment on the guest book saying we should do something about it instead of just complaining about it on the blog, so I asked what you thought about launching a petition to raise the Jobseeker’s Allowance and demand that the Jobcentre Plus system is overhauled. While some of you were against increasing the allowance, many of you said you would be happy to sign a petition to raise it.

I thought I’d wait to see what the government would come up with in this year’s Budget first before acting. But as – predictably – there was little to get excited about last week, especially for older workers, I have decided to go ahead with a petition.

Here’s what it says and here’s a link to the petition if you’d like to sign it:

UK taxpayers have seen billions of pounds of their hard-earned cash poured into the banking system and watched as government ministers claim thousands more for second homes and other questionable ‘expenses’. Now we call on the government to return the favour and assist taxpayers, workers and families who have fallen on hard times due to no fault of their own.

Unemployment is 2 million and rising. As the economic crisis deepens, many unemployed workers face the loss of their savings and homes as they struggle to survive on the £64.30 a week Jobseeker’s Allowance for the over 25s. Despite paying into the National Insurance system – often for decades – many have been shocked to find they aren’t eligible to receive the full £64.30 a week or additional payments, such as housing benefit, because their partners are in work. Others are forced to commute many miles to ‘sign on’ to receive payments which barely cover their travel costs. The Jobseekers’ Allowance makes no allowances either for the cost of travel to job interviews or other expenses incurred in the job seeking process. In addition, Jobseekers complain that Jobcentre Plus staff are often poorly trained and unsympathetic and that the system is currently incapable of helping white collar workers find skilled positions or providing relevant training schemes.

The system has to change.
We, the undersigned, call on the government to increase the Jobseeker’s Allowance to £120 a week and provide more help for those struggling to keep up with rent and mortgage payments. We demand that Jobseekers’ financial circumstances are assessed on an individual basis, regardless of their partner’s circumstances, and that the Jobcentre Plus system is given a serious overhaul.

We need a 21st Century Jobcentre Plus system in which genuine jobseekers are treated with respect and which provides useful job search advice for all, targeted training courses and apprenticeships.

Hope you’ll sign it! Feel free to forward it to your friends and colleagues/facebook/twitter it etc. to get other people to sign it too, if you can. It’s easy to be cynical and think it won’t make a difference, but it’s worth a try. Here is the link again and let me know what you think. Cheers, Piper


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42 Responses to Raise the Jobseeker’s Allowance – Sign My Petition!

  1. Rik says:

    I\’ve been on jobseekers enough times in my life to know it\’s a joke, a pretty bad one too. You do all they ask to get your pittance and watch as they hand out refunds to alcoholics etc. for their morning can of cheap lager they\’ve just bought. You know the ones, they\’ll claim everything possible with no intention of ever getting a job then sit there in the town centre getting drunk and intimidating folks then being paid for it. The people who really are trying to find work then get their benefits stopped for some trivial reasons while it\’s handed to the ones who have probably never even paid into it. Yes it\’s a sore point for me as, at present, I\’m in a difficult situation of not being allowed to claim anything at all (even my national insurance stamp) as the other half works and I\’m not exactly that employable to most employers because I suffer from Fibromyalgia making it difficult to do too much work wise. The payments should be raised but only for the folks who genuinely deserve it!

  2. Christine says:

    That makes four signatures then. Definitely need vast changes to the jobcentre network which is no longer fit for purpose (don\’t think it knows what it is there for) as it helps neither employers or job seekers who do not get enough money to be able to look for jobs.

  3. piper says:

    20 now and counting…

  4. Bill says:

    Hi, piper! Count me in. I do have my doubts, IF they are forced to cut their hideous expences, they will certainly not be best in the mood to respect the afflicted. I only have almost 40 years trade experience, but have not been allowed any form of employment, by the home-office, for over 8 years, all at tax-payer\’s expence. I have long since offered the morons an 8 hr driving test @ 60 tonnes, fully laden, despite my ex-licence, (Group 2, C/D + E) being clean. They are not interested. There are days when I see no sense in getting out of bed or eating, even if it is legal. I oft feel a complete waste of space, simply a waste food & other vital resources, which would be much better spent on those in Brussels, Westminster, & Whitehall, who obviously, by the size of their salaries, always know far better than us mere mortals.I wonder if they will feed my bones to the dogs, as stipulated in my last will & testament. Possibly even dying is illegal, unless they find some means of taxing a pauper. I have just been informed that while I am still yet allowed to make tea for charity, I am no longer allowed to make toast at the same establishment, as I need a 6 training in health & safety. My supervisor only has the free 6 hr First Aid, I had to pay £250 for my 24 hr ticket, lasting 3 years, which is extreme sub-standard to that which I was teaching for the Ministry of Transport in 1971. I always feel better after a gripe, if I keep it up, maybe I could become a civil servant!!!

  5. Bill says:

    Christine, darling!The job centre personel, as all other civil service at the DW&P, are purposely there to safeguard, & justify their own salaries & pensions. They need no skills, or redundancy plans, as they are immune to the problems of us mere mortals, & are equaly unsackable, they are simply requested to resign, whereby they are asked to name their own golden handshake, including pension, all at tax-payer\’s expence. Hope this answers your question.

  6. George says:

    The petition is a brave idea, but unfortunately this allowance was a Government ploy to \’massage the unemployment figures\’ and in fact to increase this benefit the other benefits must addressed ; such as Unemployment , Widows etc. This could turn into a nightmare. I would much a revolution to rid the country of the political elite we have found ourselves lumbered with, which has morphed into the ruling class.

  7. Valerie says:

    I don\’t know what they do at the job centre. When I first started signing (back in Nov 2008) I ask if they could give me any advise on finding a job. Reply was: We don\’t do that here, we don\’t have enough time. Now when I go they ask what I have done to find work (they don\’t really care) get me to sign and push me out the door.As for rising the Allowance for job seekers it would do no good if you are claiming Housing Benefit because they have there own rules to how much you need to live on £69 a week if you get over that they take it

  8. Rik says:

    George is rght about massaging the figures, this has been done for years. Remember the Y.O.P. schemes etc.? I \’ve been on a couple of "trainig schemes" in the past (when I was allowed to claim anything at all), they usually consist of you sitting in a room reading papers and being dictated to by some jobsworth or other to make sure you aren\’t acually anywhere else i.e. working without telling them. Nothing I\’ve seen on these has ever helped in finding work and the "training" they give you is not worth the paper it\’s printed on. Their main purpose though, is that if you\’re on them you\’re not classed as being unemployed, (even though you are), but "in education"!

  9. Rik says:

    Maybe I should retrain and learn to spell "training"!

  10. Andrew says:

    Raising the amount of money given to jobseekers is fundamentally flawed – unless you would rather have us all suckling from the teat of a nanny state. Instead the money should be used to help struggling small business and regenerate areas of the country with chronic high unemployment. We should all be encouraged and, more importantly, given the opportunity to engage in activity that would help us feel stronger connections to the communities in which we live. Trying to eliminate some of the negative attitudes that people tend to suffer when under pressure and socially alienated, would go a long way to reducing the need for bureaucracy and legislation.

  11. fred says:

    Andrew, what codswallop. You obviously have a job then. My husband and I were out of a job for nine months last year and when we eventually decided to sign on, it was a very humiliating experiene. We were treated like morons and told that although there were two of us, we wouldn\’t get two lots of allowance as we lived in the same house. Fine, we still have a mortgage and bills for two people. Eventually we gave up, just under £600 pcm would pay a third of our monthly expenses and no help with mortgage payments. When we asked how we could pay the mortgage, he just shrugged his shoulders and said that according to the Government, we should have taken a Payment Protection Plan. Having worked with mortgages I know most of these are useless, you have a cooling off period and quite often they don\’t pay for very long.So this is how our "caring" Labour government looks after its people. In the end, we had to rent out the house and move abroad to pay off our huge debts. Hubby now has a job, I cannot get one in my field of work. Now I spend my time stuck at home, people don\’t speak our language and we are treated with total and utter contempt. I would give anything to come home and get my lovely house. I would even go and work at a supermarket if it meant being able to live in the UK I used to love. But at least we now have an income and are looking forward to the day when we have a Tory government and are back home, debt free. Some people don\’t have that option.

  12. MALCOLM-SARAH says:

    In my experience some job seekers have never even thought about seeking anything accept weed, ways to rip off a system designed for helping people who have a real need to use it and the common tax payer.There seems to be more help for these people who know how to cream an already flawed and pressured system, than is needed. Maybe we should consider giving them more taxes from an already burdened working persons wages so that when they can\’t afford to eat and pay a morgage maybe they will be able to abuse the job seekers allowance to. I think maybe we should consider bolstering the minimum wage and doing away with job seekers. Thus creating a situation where everyone has to take on work of any kind for a half decent wage and tax relief where needed. Maybe whilst they are looking at this they could consider dropping the invalidity benefits for people who are just over weight as less money equals more food this should help them considerably to get back to work. There are millions of jobs out there if we stop letting bludgers get away with it. A return of Victorian work houses and values would be a great assistance to that sort of person. If you don\’t contribute you don\’t get anything back. At the end of the day when my tax burden is to high after this period of deflation has passed and massive inflation follows who will help me and millions like me not the lazy doley……

  13. MALCOLM-SARAH says:

    Do gooders should look at how the mass feel and survive before thinking about petitions like this. Real people who need help in the current climate cant get proper help because so many have abused the system. Stop the rot properly before adding to it.I really feel for people out of work due to this governments lies and previous strength of our pound. but help has to be relatively short lived to actually help. there should be no way of staying unemployed for years whilst others earn their keep

  14. fred says:

    Malcolm, what are you doing on this site if you disagree so strongly? You are employed, you don\’t know how your inconsiderate comments hurt people like me who was forced to leave their country and live in a very hostile environment. I agree with you on people abusing the system and that they should be stopped. How they abuse is, is beyong me, because although I a have Uni degree, there is no way I would be able to figure out how to get more than the basic amount. Must be because I have always been responsible, paid my dues, had the number of children I could afford, at the time we could afford them and we don\’t have a council house.

  15. paul says:

    Job seekers allowance payments should be based on how many years you have paid into the system as suggested by Frank Field MP. Right now many are flocking into this country and claiming benefits having paid nothing in.

  16. PuPu's says:

    I\’m a middle class worker paying substantial amount of tax for years and lost my job right before the last x\’mas; I am not entitled for any benefit because I didn\’t work for 24 ( I worked 21.5 months due to relocation) months in a roll before I got laid off, therefore. I haven\’t got any penny from the government since I lost my job, so talking about raising the benefit sounds a bit too luxury to me. Further, there are a lot of employers out there using global recession as an excuse to lay off people and to hire new staff to benefit themselves.

  17. fred says:

    No name, I agree with everything you say. I had a few gaps due to children but paid off the discrepancies later. PuPu\’s Yoga, I understand there are two types, contribution based and then the other. I hadn\’t worked for at least a year when I finally went to claim but, since it was more hassle than reward, I gave up. In fact they stopped it because, trying to improve my job prospects, I went on a training course away from home and couldn\’t attend my two weekly sign-in. This is ridiculous, I tried to change my profession and help myself and this is the way they treated me. The course was only four weeks, I would have been available afterwards. Instead, they told me to complain about their decision if I wanted to and re-register. Fine, all that would take time off from looking for work.

  18. gemma says:

    How can Labour say that they were going to sort our economy out when they\’ve ruined it? The amount of people on Jobseekers Allowance now is disgusting and roughly 90% of people on Jobseekers do actively seek work. The allowance pay is not even enough to feed youself for a fortnight. The staff at Jobcentres are absolutely useless and don\’t really help you. I have been unemployed since January last year, and i was never told by the Jobcentre that i could claim Housing Benefits. I have been paying my landlord out of my Jobseekers Allowance and living on approx £20 a fortnight. I was a UK Taxpayer and think that all of us that have paid Tax over the years should get something back. Who agrees?

  19. laura says:

    I believe that the there should be no such thing as dole/benefit money as this is where the government is spending the most and it would make people be more motivated to find a job and be less laid back about it. Benefits should be means tested by a lengthy form which would put them off claiming. Also if people are apparently disabled but can sit at a computer all day long, they should be put on to a free computer course which would enable them to go straight into the world of work after completing it. I understand that this would be expensive but the government would, in time, get the returns from the tax they pay when working. I also believe that the job centre should become more efficient in finding people jobs. I just don\’t understand how people sit on their idle arses and get paid for it! It\’s ridiculous!

  20. Andrew says:

    Fred, you are either too proud to accept what you\’re entitled to or just give up at the first hurdle so you can play the innocent victim. I have just been unemployed for 7 months after a nervous breakdown – I won\’t bore you with what I used to do for a living. The benefits people told me I was not entitled to anything but my stamp due to not having paid enough in the 3 year period they now use to decide. I now have a minimum wage job and am training as a carer – not something I would have ever considered doing before. The fact that you left it nine months before claiming shows you obviously had savings, and saying that 600pcm only covers a third of your expenses and doesn\’t include mortgage payments – you must be living the life of riley, try giving up a few luxuries before you start whinging. I live on about £430pcm after mortgage payments, that covers food, bills, fuel to get to work and internet.

  21. fred says:

    gemma, I do. It is people like laura who have never been unemployed who make me feel cross. She is totally clueless about the situation of the unemployed. Also, why should a qualified person end up filling up the shelves at Tescos when they could be taking a bit more time to get something they\’re trained for. Get a life laura b.

  22. laura says:

    Fred, I have actually been unemployed and I went handing CV\’s out everyday until I eventually got a job. Yeah it\’s not particularly something I want to do for the rest of my life but at least it\’s a start. Also don\’t jump to conclusions about people you don\’t know!

  23. fred says:

    ok laura, point taken, but what age are you? I\’m almost past employing, apart from call centre and supermarket work. It is a whole new ball game for us Silver Surfers although I look about 10 years younger, I cannot falsify my CV nor my NI number. We had a huge mortgage and massive council tax bills in the UK. I was thinking about coming home on my own just to work, becoming a careworker but the problem is, the money wouldn\’t even pay my rent. Suggestions are gladly listened to, I cannot find a solution. My area in the UK is one of the worst hit by the recession.

  24. Mike says:

    Any Government has to balance increasing the weekly amount with the encouragement this might give to people to stay on JSA. My suggestion would be to start paying £120/week for the first 3 or 6 months. Then cut it 25%,. Continue to do this every 3-6 months and the long-term unemployed are no longer incentivised to remain on JSA but at the same time it is much better for the real people the system was designed for – the likes of me, made redundant last eweek and busily trying to find another job ASAP. One of the beauties of this suggestion is longer term it would be self financing. Yes you get twice as much now, but in 12 months time you would be getting the equivalent of what you get now and in another 12 months you would be getting less than you get now. The desire to remain unemployed would decrease as your money does. Dave or McBruin can credit me when they introduce it. Mikef

  25. laura says:

    Fred I weren\’t being funny with what I was saying. I was just having an opinion like everyone else who are commenting. To be perfectly honest, I believe until the economy picks up again people should get what ever jobs they can therefore earning a little more than jobseekers allowence, spend the extra money so that jobs can be created because there will be more demand which would increase GDP.

  26. bev says:

    i agree with mike slightly,,my hubby was out of work from nov to jan luckily mid jan was back in self employment it took them from 21st nov till23 dec to get his job seekers allowance for all five of us recieved =196.00 month we had to also pay part comunity charge of 46 oo out of it to and pay our 3o0.00 mortgage elec and gas.plus feed 2 dogs we had no savings . tv liecence, insurances,all which u have to pay by law.. what did we live on to eat?? pasta, cheap noodles and cheap chicken. thank god he got work..

  27. colin says:

    get a life have you never heard of being self sufficent, have you a garden, if so grow some of your own food, there are lots of ways to survive in this world without having handouts, problem is so many people have become reliant on someone else, how do you think people survived a hundred years ago? there certainly was not any handouts, scrub toilets if you have too, problem is you give more to people the complacent they become, i have been unemployed in the past, yet i survived on the money which was probably a lot less then it is today, this is not to mention all the benefits you receive when unemployed like dental treatment free, council tax paid, rent paid, free prescriptions, plus a lot of other benefits, do you want me too carry on, i for one have a job and i pay through the nose in taxes, i have children and watched the married mans allowance disappear and hey presto child tak benefits causing me to lose £130 a month, how about helping us tax payers too. never mind we don\’t matter do we!

  28. laura says:

    Colin, finally someone who agrees with my opinion!

  29. Andrew says:

    Having a \’benefits\’ system is just a method of population control, it makes people feel dependant on the government. Why else is so much public money spent on taking taxes from us just to hand it back in the form of government charity? I certainly don\’t object to being taxed, as long it is used to maintain and improve our already good quality of life.

  30. Mike says:

    Colin, I think you are preaching to the wrong people. If you read everyone\’s comments you will notice virtually all been made redundant recently. i.e. we are not the spongers you are referring to. With regard to them, I agree with you. I am 45 and this is only the second time I have been in a Jobcentre. Have you stopped to consider that maybe the service you are being fleeced for is not up to the job of finding employment for the people like us that want to work?? It is almost like the Government looks at the fact you have worked before and decideds that you do not need any help to find a job as you will do it yourself. In normal times that might well be the case, but this isn\’t normal times. Unemployment is now rising at nearly 3500 people per day! A guy I worked with recently applied for a job only to be told 120 other people also applied – and this was a specialist career – architectual models. When I was at school I was taught you cannot fit a quart in a pint pot….but that is the situation we are in now. And remember, as more people lose their jobs, the burden will increase for those "lucky enough" to have jobs. This Government is going to find it very difficult to borrow more money. S&P is already looking at down-grading UK rating, which will make it harder – and more expensive – for the Government to borrow. In effect the Governemnt is falling into the trap all of us have found ourselves in – spending next weeks money to get through this week!

  31. Martin says:

    why should it be raised.what about families like mine neighbour gets the same as i do for her family from jsa and tax credits gets rent paid ,free school meals clothing grant .we get full rent pay school meals no help at all. im disabled as are my 2 sons sick of those on benefits saying we need more.dont mind for those made redundant recently but my neighour has never worked.

  32. Martin says:

    comment from fred what is wrong with working in supermarket.im a nursery nurse but at least my children know what work is .i will fill shelves till job becomes available

  33. piper says:

    Thanks for all your comments. I think the whole benefits system needs looking at. I agree it\’s hard to balance incentivising people to go back to work, and I\’m well aware that there are people out there who live on benefits without any intention working. But many newly redundant workers have always worked and have no idea how to \’work the system\’. And while years before they would only have been out of work for a few months, now they are long term unemployed because there simply isn\’t anything out there.

  34. Rik says:

    I see you\’ve opened up another hornets nest Piper, lol! Having been unemployed more than a couple of times in my life and having seen both types of claimants, (genuine ones who want to work and the ones who\’re just out for a free ride), all I can say is that some peoples comments are really insulting to the majority of unemployed people! Yes you\’re always going to get those who\’ll abuse the system, just as you\’ll always get those who\’ll steal from you, but in my experience most people on unemlpoyment benefits are desperate to work. These are the ones who struggle to feed their families and heat their homes despite various other benefits. The system is pretty much unworkable in that as long as there are dishonest people (which, like it or not, is a fact) it would be impossible to make it fair to everyone. I don\’t doubt for a second there\’ll be folks disagreeing with me but the fact is I\’ve been there enough times to see it as it is!

  35. Christine says:

    There are a few misconceptions flying around here. Let\’s start with housing benefit. This is set at the rate of equivalent social (council) housing rates. Which probably doesn\’t cover the rent charged if you are in privately rented accommodation. Nowadays I believe that housing benefit is paid to the claimant not to the landlord so you are responsible for paying your rent and if you are short of funds it may be a temptation not to pay the rent. Also private landlords don\’t like taking DSS claimants as tenants. If you end up unable to pay your rent and are evicted, well no use applying to the council or local housing association because you have rent arrears which puts you down the bottom of the list till you have cleared them – oh and you have made yourself intentionally homeless because you have not paid your rent. Right then – been on the brink of that and know the ropes fairly well there from the past. Secondly you can\’t claim housing benefit to cover a mortgage which of course is a nasty shock to those who have never had to jump through the hoops of claiming job seekers allowance. Thirdly there is the definition of what is absolutely necessary for life. For some people in rural areas a car is needful to get anywhere whilst for others like me there is a bus service that works (sort of). Those people who are used to having both land line telephone for internet and a mobile for telephone calls will have a nasty shock – but both are not necessary. Neither is a television necessary – my children grew up without one and are normal, well balanced members of society. So yes you do have to make choices as to what you really, really need. You won\’t have a social life and you won\’t have most of the things that make life tolerable, sure you may have to shop in the charity shop and only buy the reduced food in the supermarket. Looking back, I\’m not sure that my time on the dole counted as life. I was periodically hungry if there was an interview which cost me to travel to because it was within my travel to work area (a whole dodgy matter that), didn\’t get to buy clothes and had to keep one set for interview, never went out except to the local library and when I started work it was a good thing that it was a weekly wage paid a week in arrears or else things would have been desperate meeting the rent, council tax, water, food and bus travel. I think that there are a whole new set of claimants now who expect more from the job centre because these are people who come from higher level posts and have higher expectations of the service offered by the state. Yes the job centre is stretched but it needs to be able to meet the needs of all claimants not just those who are dishonest or above the basic tasks of life. I believe that the benefits system is dealing with people who are no longer willing to be doormats, who do wish to work and who have found that there are not jobs available at the moment. It\’s no shame to work at a lower category job than what you are used to doing if the money pays the bills but there is no point in working to run up debts. I\’ll just quote a simple example of someone I used to work alongside about 18 months ago. Here is an older, ex HGV driver with all the licences whose back prevented him doing the driving job, who had retrained and got a degree as an IT systems technician and who had good experience till the company closed down. Now don\’t think that this was a slender young lad – this was a stocky older man who after a year was told he had to apply for any available job at the job centre – and made to apply for a job as a waitress to keep himself making the number of applications required to get his money. Now that is not exactly good for the claimant or the employer with the vacancy. Ho hum. Till we get rid of that sort of attitude at the job centre there will always be problems.

  36. Bill says:

    Hi there, Christine!In the West Midlands, Housing/Pol-Tax Benefit is not paid to the claimant, but direct. I also know that as a potential BTL landlord the local council rent for a single person is ca. £60/wk. In comparison they will pay "private" landlords over £90/wk, direct, oft for extremely sub-standard housing, for a single person. They oft pay much more for single parents in B & B, even hotels with full board.On the question of a mortgage, the claimant only receives assistance with the mortgage after the first nine months of claim, by which time the claimant has normally been repossed & is therefore on the street. To me, it is plain common sense, that those with a mortgage have little or no savings, or other means of maintaining the mortgage, without income, for this 9 month period.The question of how much is necessary to live, is a simple one. I sometimes receive £45/wk, with a notice that my benefit has been reduced by 60% due to a breakdown in communictions, & that I can obviously appeal against this decision as I should be receiving £80/wk, despite my normal payment only being £70. On such days my housing/poll-tax benefit is completely lost, & will be subject to a new claim, tribunal willing. On one occassion, I was left completely devoid of any & all benefit from 01/11/07 until 21/01/08, cuased by the issue of a new driving license by the DVLA. I then suffered not only the loss of the new, 2 month old license, without rhyme or reason, but also a 60% reduced benefit, & many eviction threats from he council landlord until the "urgent" tribunal 02/06/08. Despite over 40 years no claims bonus, my license appeal in front of the Magistrates failed 06/06/08, whithout which I have no hope of returning to employment, after 40 years as a Group 2, C/D + E Vehicle & Transport Technician. Even with NVQ (C & G) L2 in 8 IT subjects, I have no chance of beginning an admin/management career at my age.

  37. Storm says:

    How interesting!

  38. Brian says:

    Name & shame the MPs who are amongst the worst offenders,they make a mockery of our country with thier conduct,it makes me so sad there excuses the speaker of the house seems more interested in who lifted the lid on there money game,god help our coutry at this time,sack the lot of them. Briaan

  39. thomas says:

    Tom The government and other polititions are a disgrace, in any large company they would be sacked, even if no criminal charges were brought against them. I wish I could make all my own rules on how to spend other people\’s money as I thought fit, and when any complaints were raised, say, but I worked to the rules, and didn\’t say they twisted them a bit. When these fiddlers made their own rules I dont remember being asked if the rules were OK seeing they were spending my money not their own. Reading the current news, I think WOW some have agreed to pay back parts of there ill gotten gains, it begs the question, would they have even considered paying anything back if they had not been caught with their fingers in what they seem to think is a bottomless till, I DOUBT IT!. The speaker is also a disgrace, what he implise is, how dare any one criticise our fiddles, what is he hiding. Honourable people, they do not know the meaning of the word, the most honourable are the one\’s whoit would seem were not milking the till, and whoever opened this can of worms deseves a medal.

  40. tony says:

    they hung dick turpin for less than what these parasites have been getting away with for years, no wonder they tried to stop the making public of thier expenses.they should ALL be named and shamed, made to pay back ALL the money and sacked.like many other people on this site have said, they are not sorry for what they have done, they are only soory they have been caught.legalised theft.

  41. susan says:

    I have been waiting for this comment for such along time – I have worked hard all my life and found due to illness i lost my job and had to claim benifits – the DWP committed fraud against me i took this to a tribrunal and won, i thought every step of the way to get the benifits i was entitled to" and it still today makes me so angry that a goverment run department could and did commit fraud against me – after i won my tribrunal i still had a battle to get money that was owed to me and i had to battle to get help from staff that were abusive to me".. whilst still ill i managed to get back in to work with NO help from them what so ever.Beacuse its them against me i thought who would belive me? even now who believes me? But what i do say to any one claiming benifit or is going to claim copy every piece of paper you sign and every form you fill in – if you sign anything read it first" do not trust them at all as this was the mistake i made.

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