Make do and mend challenge: Egghead ahoy

For years I have been asking hairdressers for tips to achieve better looking, healthier hair, but I’ve never received many useful answers, apart from being told not to put conditioner on my scalp as it can make it itchy if, like me, you have delicate skin.

This week, as part of my challenge, I’ve been looking online for some homemade shampoo recipes to try out. I had no idea but it turns out that DJ and I could be sitting on a make do and mend beauty goldmine. Apparently the produce of our hardworking pet hens Lexi and Molly could be the answer to healthy, shiny hair. According to some websites, egg is the key to a glowing crowning glory, and they don’t mean eating it either – you quite literally have to wear it.

I found two recipes for shampoo and conditioner, both of which included eggs as a key ingredient. Curious, I decided to try them out. The shampoo recipe combined an ounce of olive oil, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. To make the conditioner I was told to beat an egg yolk until frothy, then add 1 teaspoon of baby oil, beat the mixture again and add a cup of water.

To be honest, it was a bit strange making these concoctions because I felt as though I should be making pancakes or a cake, not hair products. The shampoo mixture smelt a bit funny, mainly because of the vinegar odour, but the conditioner had a nice scent to it because of the baby oil. But nothing could have prepared me for the odd experience of trying them out. I’m so used to using shampoos that foam up that it felt very strange trying to wash my hair with something as watery as the egg-based shampoo. In the end I just poured it all over my head over the bath, spilling some of it on my T-shirt in the process. I wanted to keep an open mind, but, to be frank, it smelt awful.

I washed it all out and then applied the conditioner, massaging it into my hair and then washing it all out once more. My scalp was beginning to feel a bit itchy but it might have been psychosomatic. It was when I was towel drying my hair that I noticed some sticky white lumps in the towel. Brushing my hair out, I discovered a few more in the hair brush. Not only had I washed my hair, I’d made some scrambled egg at the same time…nice! That’s dinner sorted…

Egg shampoo may be a great way of producing a healthy, shiny crowning glory. But as I sat there last night with wet hair and the unmistakeable scent of oeuf about me, I have to say I remained unconvinced. However, when I woke up this morning the smell had finally gone and my hair seemed much softer than usual, so perhaps there is something in it after all. Perhaps the egg works its magic if you can bear to keep it up for a sustained period, but I don’t think I have it in me. I’m not sure how frugal it would be to do so either, if you have to wash your hair frequently. A box of six free-range eggs costs about £1.30 in the shops and you can buy a bottle of shampoo that will last longer than that for the same money.

Onwards and upwards, though, and I have been acquiring some useful tips on how to make your makeup last longer and make the most of your existing collection of products, rather than buy new ones. Here are a few good links:

And for hair care tips:

How do you save money on hair care? Do you think egg-based shampoo is frugal or a waste of good food? Leave a message and let me know your thoughts.

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7 Responses to Make do and mend challenge: Egghead ahoy

  1. David says:

    This may not work for gals, I have to say, especially if you want hair that wafts gracefully like thongweed or Mermaid\’s Tresses on a gentle sea and rising tide, but I don\’t wash my hair unless it gets really dirty, under the car, for example, or vacuuming cobwebs in the attic. Otherwise I give it a good rummle-up every day (a kind of scalp massage) and brush enthusiastically morning and night. All my fwends say how lovely and shiny my hair is and want to stroke me, so sweet! As for eggs – good grief!

  2. Christine says:

    With regard to toiletries, one has to ask how many a girl actually needs. I\’ve grown up in the school of good diet and good exercise, regular fresh air and mental activity will ensure that you have good hair, good nails, good complexion. After that comes shampoo, soap and water to keep you clean and stop you smelling. OK so maybe you need a deodorant on the smell front as well as clean clothes. But all the advice on using exfoliants and other such treatments may possibly be a marketing aid to get you to buy more stuff. But David\’s advice on a good brushing morning and night for the hair is old school and sure works well. Also his comment on not washing it too much has a basis in good practice. Most shampoos are chemical based and rather hard on the hair. If you must use shampoo very regularly because you have greasy or sweaty hair or work in a dirty environment, you should be using one based on natural ingredients without chemicals. There\’s plenty of recipes on the internet or you can buy natural shampoo from various sources. Not expensive actually. Yes egg is good for the hair but you have found all the ways you can do it wrong already and it\’s not funny is it? No matter how much DJ laughs.

  3. Kerri says:

    Eugh shudder shudder! I love eggs as much as the next person but I do like mine boiled, poached, scrambled or fried 🙂 i have no aversion to trying an egg to make my tresses shiny but I don\’t think I could bring myself to use a homemade shampoo and conditioner using baby or oliver oil in it – I have very fine hair and would be worried I\’d come out looking like I\’d stuck my head in a tub of Brylcream! lol 🙂 I must admit I am bad to my hair, I tend to wash it every day, as well as dry and lightly straighten it…oh and it\’s coloured…I\’m sure it will fall out soon. Bust as I say, it\’s very fine and can look greasy quicky. Plus it\’s not long enough just to tie up so tends to get odd waves and kinks where I sleep on it which no amount of brushing will rememdy.I am try to be frugal by buying my toiletries once a month when I get paid, I write a list of what I need then shop around for the best offer (yes, I\’m often seen scuttling backwards and forwards between 4 diff shops on a Sat afternoon). In addition, I am making an effort to use and samples/freebies and presents without buying additional itesm I don\’t need. Christine, with regard to your comment about exfoliants etc, I have very dry skin and these are great. I was also skeptical but I notice that my skin looks, but also feels better when I use them, not so many dry patches and it feels much less tight and itchy so it\’s one \’extravagance\’ I do indulge in. Though perhaps I could look to making my own with some sea salt and dried lavendar from my mums…. hmmm… project for the weekend me thinks! 🙂

  4. Bill says:

    Hi there, Kerri!Have you tried an egg-cup full of porridge oats in a muslin bag, hung under the hot water tap to soften the water for washing & bathing, also good for hairwashing & laundry?It has the opposite effect to bleach, & therefore also combats the chlorine misery which the crown/soveriegn state now sees fit to pollute our drinking water with, since 06/2001. This chlorine is no better than slightly caustic ammonia, all in the name of health & safety, again.Alternately, Aquatronic produce an electro-magnetic water filter to fit on the household supply, which simply reverses the electro-magnetic polarity of the water, converting most "anorganic" toxic water contents to useful "organic" contents. The anorganic substances turn to cellulite if not removed immediately by the kidneys, not a problem with the organic, & it is much easier to digest.The gadget requires no service or maintenance, simply fits externaly, best on a nylon supply, very similar to the almost obsolete contraceptive coil. The magnetic field passes through the water as it travels through the core of the plumbing. It saves on all form of detergent, shampoo etc. & prevents limescale, even slowly dissolving & removing all existing limescale from any system.I currently have no hot water system in my council cave, as they refuse to fit a shower, & do not allow me to fit any form of shower. Their obsolete boiler is completely bust, & I refuse any repair. I simply stand a bucket in the bath-tub, with a kettle of boiling water topped up with cold to wash my hair/shave, add a further kettle of boiling to shower with a ladle, & finally rinse with fresh cold from a hose on the cold bath tap. A fantastic improvement, & I use the identical system for laundry, rinsing in fresh cold from the hose. Bully for them.A great saving on \’leccy, it is now costing £0.02.2p – £0.03.3p for a shower, similar for a whole weeks laundry. I wash & rinse dishes in fresh cold water, no problem. I am currently waiting for them to move the \’leccy meter & fit a new fuse box, then I may fit a shower myself, on a dark & foggy night, complete with eltro-magnetic filter, also a 2Kw heater on the kitchen sink. Hopefully I will have relocated before then.

  5. David says:

    Bloody \’ell, Bill lad, we Scotties EAT the porridge oats, muslin bag an\’ all, an\’ booger washin\’. Wot kind of wimp are you? Council\’s doin\’ yuh a favour, toughen yes up, like. Wait a minute : EGG-CUP full of porridge oats? Wot\’s an "Egg Cup"? We use horse\’s nose-bag, decent amount, like, and washes oot all the snot an\’ slavers. No wonder you lot put up with utter decadence, egg-cup, never heard the like.

  6. Bill says:

    Ladies!I can still yet remember good auld fashioned Sunlight bars, Tide, Omo, Coal-Tar, Dettol, & Jeyes, mostly from their dinstinctive scents. Also Lavender furniture polish & Washing Soda. With the exception of Omo, I oft yearn for the auld days. These days the Ladies spend so much time in t\’ bathroom, cost so much \’leccy, & look/smell no better for it.All modern materials contain a fantastic overdose of bleach, which plays hell with my athsma.Sadly, before I was old enough to read, I attempted to assist my mother with the weekly wash, opening the lid of the top-loading wash machine, adding a good half packet of Omo flakes. Unforunately, I had misread the packet, & when my mother investigated, we had enough of a certain Scottish, or maybe Quaker breakfast cereal in the machine to last a whole year, & the air became slightly blue.My first lesson in how not to volunteer!

  7. piper says:

    Bill, that is brilliant! I nearly put cat crunchies in my washing machine the other day due to absentmindedness, so sympathise.

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