Hallowe’en beckons

It’s almost Hallowe’en again and I’ve been looking longingly at the last of the three pumpkins I grew this year as I want to turn it into a lantern. Don’t worry, I won’t be wasting the inside of the pumpkin. I plan to fish out my neighbour’s fantastic recipe for pumpkin brownies which she gave me a couple of years ago and make some. Although this could be a dangerous idea as I’m also trying to watch my weight…

Soon there will be kids knocking at the door demanding sweets with menaces. DJ is terrified of children at the best of times so, if caught alone during Hallowe’en at home, he turns all the lights off and hides in the only upstairs room that doesn’t face the front – my office – with the telly on. Mind you, last year he got his own back on me for all the times I’ve have gone out on Hallowe’en by leaving me on my own instead!

Maybe I’m just being a killjoy, but while I’m all for people dressing up and having fun on Hallowe’en – I used to dress up as a witch myself when I was little (and I still behave like one a lot of the time now, if DJ is to be believed) – I’m not sure about this trick or treating business we seem to have imported over here in recent years from Ireland and America. I don’t think it’s particularly safe for children to go knocking on strangers’ doors in the dark – unless, I suppose, the kids are accompanied by their parents – and I’m not sure it’s really fair on the neighbours, either. Why should people be bullied into giving children they don’t know sweets simply to deter them from creating a mess with eggs and flour that they will inevitably have to clean up? And what does it teach the children involved? That by bullying somebody they will get what they want? A friend of mine used to fox them by buying oranges to give them instead of sweets…We saw some disappointed faces that year.

Do you think trick or treating is unfair or just plain good Hallowe’en fun? Leave a comment and let me know. Have a great weekend, Piper xxx


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6 Responses to Hallowe’en beckons

  1. Steve says:

    Killjoy or not, I\’ve never liked this American import!

  2. Bill says:

    As my star sign is a cross twixt a Grizzly Bear, Snow Goose, & Goat, & being born in the year of the Ox, there may even be a touch of Fox or Collie in my blood, I do have a wierd sense of humour. But I have no time for Halloween. I also love all kids & Rug-Rats, they are oft so young, tender & sweet, best lightly grilled, or poached, on thick toasted doorsteps, with piping hot beans.No they should not be knocking stranger\’s doors at any time, dark or not. "Door-stepping" is illegal, & is a form of begging. It is also extreme dangerous, & possibly always was. Have their parents never heard the story of little Miss Red Riding Hood?Some of these "stranger\’s" are elderly, &/or infirm, some are on shift-work, as was I for almost 40 years.I am no Killjoy, but there are so many other ways to have clean, safe fun. Sweets are also dangerous, or at least most unhealthy, fruit is a much better option.Trust the "colleagues" from Stateside!

  3. Christine says:

    If you look at Halloween, it was originally a religious festival – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween – and trick or treating is a long way from what the idea originally meant. As ever, it seems that religion has been overtaken by consumerism – or at least retail seeing another way of parting people from their money as has happened with the festivals of Christmas and Easter. Enough said?

  4. piper says:

    I have to admit, in a fit of pique I unplugged our bell yesterday so I couldn\’t hear it ringing and could get on with eating our dinner in peace.

  5. Bill says:

    Sadly, I must confess, I had no probs yesterday, as I occupy a cave, 10 floors up, in a steel concrete council monstrosity, reserved for the extremely mean, "over 50\’s", who are mostly alchoes & chain puffers.

  6. Michael says:

    About hallowe\’en,trick or treat etc. I dont think it should be encouraged. What is wrong with enjoying our own (british) festivities.Bonfire night is a good fun thing to enjoy. If we continue to encourage trick or treat (american comerce at its worst) it teaches kids the wrong message and risks losing our traditions with the next generation.Ps I have my own twist on bonfire night. To me its a celebration of the attempt to blow up parlement not the failure of it.

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