Incapacity benefit challenge: Diane’s world

I did something amazing today. I showered by myself. I walked into town for 20 minutes. I got into my car by myself and I drove. A typical day for Diane, who suffers from back problems, arthritis and chronic hypermobility, couldn’t be more different. Her carer gets her up in the morning and helps her shower. She gets back into bed and looks at her computer which has to be on a special desk so that the weight isn’t on her lap. She has breakfast and returns to bed. “If there is anything I need to do, I do it in bed,” she tells me. “If I’m well enough I’ll sit up and read or do scrapbooking, but I need to be well enough and if I’m not, I can’t.” Diane tries to visit her daughters regularly, but sitting in a chair for long periods is so painful it takes her days to recover from a single outing.

Life has been like this for Diane since 1984, but she has struggled with her illness since 1976. Initially she was on crutches and managed to cope with bringing up two children. But eventually her condition deteriorated and she needed a wheelchair. She has had multiple surgeries, including a knee replacement, but doctors are unable to do anything else for her besides managing her chronic pain. She is on slow release morphine and visits a pain clinic which monitors her condition and medication. Initially her ex-husband cared for her but now she has a paid 24-hour live-in carer funded by the council. “I’m really lucky to have her,” she admits. “There are lots of disabled people who suffer because they have different carers coming and going throughout the day. Sometimes they don’t turn up on time and you’re waiting for hours for your food.”

Despite the pain she’s in, Diane is staunchly positive. “I have no choice [but to be upbeat].” she says. “I can’t change anything and there are people worse off than me. I’ve got nothing to moan about. I’m just so lucky to have my two lovely daughters and grandchildren. That makes me happy.”

But just how different is daily life as a disabled person? “You lose a bit of choice when you’re disabled,” Diane explains. “Before you do anything, you have to think about it. Will I be able to sit at that table to eat or will my wheelchair be in the way? Will they have steps to the front door? Can I get into that theatre? Can I get into that shop? It’s not like somebody who can go to work and jump on the Tube without thinking. It’s hard sometimes. We went to the seaside recently and every restaurant along the seafront had steps to the entrance. We couldn’t get into any of them with a wheelchair.” She also points out that most council housing isn’t purpose built for the disabled but simply adapted and that many listed buildings can’t be modified to allow wheelchair access.

Besides the practical obstacles, other people can be ignorant. “Often people’s attitudes towards disabled people are wrong,” says Diane. “They’re frightened of what they see or they don’t want to see it. Sometimes people look over me when I’m in the wheelchair and ask my carer, ‘How is Diane?’”

I ask her what she makes of David Cameron and the Conservatives’ plans to cut incapacity benefit and target fraudsters. “He’s right in certain respects,” she admits. “There are certain people [who work the system]. But I’ve been on IB since 1984 and it’s changed a lot since then. They are very strict. There are [fraudsters] but there are a lot of genuine people who need these benefits. It’s not easy at all.”

Diane believes that rather than cutting their benefits the government should be doing more for the disabled. “[They] need a kick up the arse,” she says. “We are so backward in this country for disabled people. Housing is atrocious. They say we get enough money to pay for winter fuel but we don’t (IB claimants don’t qualify for the winter fuel allowance which is only available to pensioners). Many disabled people stay in bed during the winter with a blanket and coat on because they can’t afford to pay their bills. Come on government, get it right for us! [MPs] have all this money and buy this and buy that, yet people are paying their taxes and suffering every day. What I’d say [to David Cameron and the government] is just spend a day doing what I’m doing. It’s not all hunky-dory.”

Should the government be doing more for disabled people? What changes would you make if you were in power? Leave a message and let me know.

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26 Responses to Incapacity benefit challenge: Diane’s world

  1. Bill says:

    I was blind in both eyes, for almost a year. No home help, dropping stuff in the kitchen, impossible to find clothing, impossible to read post, or other legal documents, having to sign on the dole, on the correct date & time? LOL. All despite ongoing sick-note. No one to help me across road on major trunk route, attempting to count bus fare on moving bus, just to reach hospital umpteen times, having to remember \’phone nos., & dial them successfully, always more agro with rent & poll-tax arrears, missing Benefit payments, how we grow to love the oh so friendly civil service, the fantastic arrogance, easy to "see" why they are oft mistaken for the Para-Military Gestapo, or even the Waffen SS. How great to be on benefit, not. Not to mention the weekly shop, 3 miles each way, 3 bus changes, so much traffic, both on t\’ road, & in the supermarket. Oft treated as dangerous animal in shops, scared to ask for public for help, could easilly be arrested for whatever.I was only blind, only for 1 year. Most complete strangers suspected me of being a circus freak, or even worse. They did not have it possible to tell me that my flies were bust, or to simply mind their own, had to phone ye olde home office, who could not assist me, but still take every opportunity to take the P. They never miss, any opportunity to take the P. They would appear to have been doing it all my life. Always lurking behind the nearest bush, just waiting. Never there when I need them. Simply arrest & hold for 6 hrs., by which time I have lost a 3 month contract, also repeat business, & any new recommendations.\’el bastardo have driven my economy, as also my familly & social life into the ground. Bitter, chip on t\’ shoulder?Could be, angry, seeking revenge, maybe, they will hopefully get theirs at some point, revenge is a dish best served cold, when they least expect it. I hope they all rot, good & long, in Hell.

  2. Oli says:

    The government has got us into debt my about £80K per person – we\’re all going to have to take the hit for that, and that applies to taxpayers as well as the disabled. Although your points "feel" right the fact is this is the wrong time to be asking for more money even for good causes like this.Not sure your swipe at Cameron is fair really either – his plans to target fraudsters wouldn\’t affect DIane one way or the other as she isn\’t a fraudster, surely?Moderngreenollie

  3. peter says:

    I think the only way to cut the number of incapacity claimants is for every doctor to have a couple of large minders with him in the surgery when someone goes for his incapacity review, as i think a lot of doctors are frightened of refusing claimants in case they are threatened or even assaulted, i receive incapacity when at 57 i lost my job of 27 years and working full time since 1961 i feel slightly guilty receiving it, so when you hear of people in their twenties or thirties applying and getting it when the majority have back trouble meaning they can\’t get it out of bed in the morning to go to work makes me very angry, and it is becoming a culture in many parts of th uk when blind people go to work on trains and buses while those lazy good for nothings get incapacity probably the real people who receive it could get a bigger allowance, so i hope whoever comes to power will do something about it…

  4. Unknown says:

    Owing to how difficult it is today to get Incapacity Benefit, I suspect that if everyone who should be getting it was, and everyone who shouldn\’t be getting it wasn\’t, more benefit would be being paid out than is now. Yes fraudsters exist, but they are in a tiny minority, and many people who should easily qualify for benefit are either being put off claiming it because of draconian rules, or are refused it by petty beaurocracy.

  5. piper says:

    Some interesting points – thanks. Personally I find it hard to understand why people like this aren\’t getting enough money to pay for the things they need when they are suffering, yet billions have been poured ad nauseum into the banks to keep them going and they continue to pay themselves huge bonuses. I take your point, Ollie, but when is it ever a good time to ask for money? Thanks for telling me about your experiences when you were blind for a year, Bill. Sounds horrific. I can\’t understand how people can be so insensitive.

  6. Edward says:

    First incapacity benefit was introduced by the last government to hide the figures of unemployment that is why people with disability cannot get the right money, people who generally have a disability should be on a hire rate to help with there needs" and the only way to weed out these fraudsters is to have all who make a claim be examined by a professional doctors (experts in arthritis) for example and not by there own doctors. i think the amount will drop drastically as for peoples attitude against people with a disability there\’s nothing we can do but to put up with it, ho i have artirisis and so dose my wife we have both been through discrimination even from our neighbors. maybe one day all discrimination will stop until that day?

  7. jam says:

    The example given, is someone getting 24 hour care, 24 hour!! Lets get the calculator out- £15 on average per hour for carer, multiplied by 24 = £360 per day !! That\’s £131k a year to maintain 1 person. Then on top, an expectation to receive more money in benefits, this is rediculous and damn right discriminatory. Many old people will suffer simillar needs, but will not receive it. Older people are encouraged in to communal living, so when people like the example are in a similar situation why does this not apply ? Disabled homes could operate at around £600 per week per person which is £31.5k a year and would allow those who are more able to live in a community setting anrd receive such benefits as fuel payments. This figure would include food and still allows for the receiving of benefits. This allows for the facts of an ageing population which will need more resources. I notice also that the Equalities Act which one hopes would address these issues, seems to suggest that everything should be implemented within the act bar those covered by health and social care which is expected to take a couple of more years, probably after an election. Blame the Conservatives, err read up and realise what is going on and how Labour are setting a political trap. I would however say that greed needs to be halted in business as this is perhaps one of the most major saps to our economy at present.

  8. peter says:

    Why should the tax payer have to fund "disabilities" ??. After all it\’s not our doing if somebody has a disability, So why do we have to be penalised. This may sound harsh especialy if your getting all the free benifits, "Has the Nanny state turned disabilites into dinner tickets? ". Why do they get the option of a brand new car every three years, whilst most people will never be lucky enough to own one, Has the system gone wrong, when the tax payer has to keep people who will never contribute, The Nanny state has gone from one extreme to the other, It\’s about time it helped those who help themselves.

  9. Bill says:

    piper, darling!Many thanks, but I do not ask for charity, hate & loathe it. I only ask for a final salary Benefit system for all, to replace this hideous lottery. If we, the paymasters, were to halve the salaries & ex\’s of all the bankers & politicians, it would not only be a bright idea, but it would also help, slightly. They are after all, our humble servants. & if half of \’em decided to walk, to go out & learn a trade, possibly as Freelance Shoeshine, a\’la Stalin, how would we survive without \’em, or replace em?Surely none of us Benefit Brigade would sit on our backside all day for such a pittance, we are all basically illiterate/innumerate, although we have no problem with the race card or betting slip. I do have two ex colleagues who have served at a local charity for the past year, or 2, full time reception & security, both extreme computer literate, both in wheelchairs. They may be glad of the (paper) excercise, but I doubt if they would like the champoo lifestyle, or to share the building with any of the existing gin swilling buffoons. Then, with their existing IT expertise, they could easily run the Bank of England, the Treasury, or both, single-handed, from home. Problem is, that they would fail the interview, at least on paper, like myself, they do not drink or smoke, & we have no intention of learning, not even for the existing salary, & ex\’s. They would certainly not wear collar & tie, or suit, not even for the interview. Me neither. In the past, I have oft arrived at the office in last weeks boiler suit, oft well slept in. I have oft attended interviews the very same, complete with Primus & well worn doss bag. I oft get the job, providing I have time fers a Brew before I start. Sometimes I kip down on the office floor, 6 – 8hrs before I decide to start, if \’elfandsafety law demands it.As for the DW&P Medics, GPs, etc., with a basic salary of £125,000 – £300,000 + bonus, they do not make Benefit decisions, but some burocrat at the private American firm who employ these Quacks does that, just from reading a form load of ticks in boxes, which reduces the medical exam to an extreme Gestapo interrogation. At best, they are all Quacks, including all GPs, who are all civil service. The private American contractor pays much better, at the expense of the British taxpayer. The ex, or serving civil service all spend 7 years at British Med School, learning to swill gin, & civil service arrogance, all at tax payer\’s expense.In comparison, a Vet has only 2, or 3 years at most to learn his trade, & must then stand on his own financial feet, out there in all weathers, 24/7, similar to the Freelance Shoeshine. He does not have the luxury of interrogating his patient, but has to perform a physical exam/investigation, not only of the patient, but also the local environment, quite forensic. If he wishes to get the invoice paid, or to be able to sue, as opposed to being sued, even serving a custodial sentence, he must get it RIGHT. We would all be better off, if the local vet were to decide the Benefit payment. If we could replace all GPs with Vets, even better still, it would not only cost far less, but we would also be rid of the nauseating arrogance, & would live longer & happier. Despite the weather, & the foul working conditions in general, Vets even have a sense of humour, maybe they would charge extra for that, at least it would be an added bonus.Sadly, Vets refuse to do Midwifery, or obstetrics, we saddle tramps have to do that ourselves, & get it Right, all part of our basic education, we would not get a job without the state qualifications.Back then, when I was blind, I was kept on Income Support, at the same price as JSA, as I did not qualify for JSA, although I had already possessed an unbroken sick note for at least two years. I did not receive Incapacity until I attempted to resume employment, over two years later, backdated for a whole 10 weeks!That was 10/09/\’05, the day after an independent GP had signed my D4 as fit for employment until 10/09/\’2010. I payed £35 private for that certificate of fitness, while my own GP was demanding £200, & would most likely have failed me, due to an ongoing 10 year dispute over surgery hrs. They still yet only open 16 hrs/week, including all private work.I am still yet on Incapacity, 4 years on, due to the fictive, "severe mental illness", possibly schizophren paranoia, which was news to me when I applied for my driving license, complete with 5 years clean, fresh D4 (medical), 10/09/\’05. Apparently, this mental illness dates back to 02/03/\’02, either from a DW&P medical of that date, or my own GP. Why did it take 3 years to inform me of this, & why am I still yet waiting, a further 4 years on, for some form of therapy?They did not inform me, i was informed by the DVLA that my license would not be renewed, in the DVLA office in B\’ham, as I attempted the routine renewal. Cash, Medical, Application form, all in order.If I am too dangerous to drive or work, why am I not locked up, for public safety?Why did they not arrest &"section" me, & lock me up, 02/03/\’02?

  10. Bill says:

    I saw the report from 02/03/\’02 in early 2006. It was gruesome, it did not mention the extreme asthma of the exam date, or the full incontinence on my sick note, for both of which I showed the relevant medication. No mention of the Duo-Denal Ulcer, or the Hiatus Hernia it caused, both of which had been ongoing for the previous year, & had both been missed in 04/2001 by the junior "partner" of my GP, as also by two different country men of his, 1 in HMP Blackenhurst, 07/2001, the other in HMP Walton, Liverpool, 08/2001. It was in 2004 that the riddle of the ulcer/hernia was finally solved, screaming in pain, & throwing up, a locum GP, a Lady, turned my tears to roaring laughter, despite the extreme pain, when she decided it was only constipation. She gave me a large bottle on prescription, lactulose, oft over the counter, & two spoons later, the entire problem was solved. I was fit for work back then, over 5 years on it would still yet be illegal, as I am still yet to dangerous.The report of 02/03/\’02 did say that I switch the goggle box on 4 hrs/day, but do not watch it. Also many other such points from my daily life, all invented by the Quack, or her colleagues. It stated that I can/do not focus, & it is therefore impossible for me to read a book or newspaper. But as a dole scrounger I was 100% fit for work. Despite having to strip, there was no physical exam.A good, high-ranking, front-line friend in Sandwell NHS, assures me vehemently that this DW&P quack is not a shrink. The appeal against this report of 02/03/\’02, held 02/06/\’06, states that I was not fit for work, 02/03/\’02, & that I never will be.An independent exam of 2008, with appeal of 02/06/\’08, also magistrates of 06/06/08, all support this.The District Judge of Warley mags, 02/03/07, gave me my full driving license, HGV1/PSV (C/D + E) with no size or weight limit, with immediate effect. He said that he was extremely well read & informed on the case, & that his decision was not open to discussion. I did not have time to celebrate. I needed an application form, new photo, & new D4 for Swansea, in order to resume employment. As seen, the celebration would have been premature. Four months on, Swansea sent me to a Traffic Commissioners tribunal 06/\’07, the assistant Commissioner said that 35 years experience was not enough, I had to gain further experience, before receiving my license, which he set for 01/08/\’07. He was obviously glad that I had already been out gaining experience for the previous 2 months, in a 3.5t ex post van, obviously without a license ( other than in accordance), & therefore equally, without "valid" insurance. He was effectively sentencing me to a further two months illegal experience. My invisible license was still yet clean, not even a parking or smoking ticket. He did not mention L plates or chaperone.Swansea issued the license 2 weeks late, 14/08/\’07, as the new 5 year D4 was by then over 3 months old, therefore invalid. With all systems now in place, I expected this to be a 5 year license, & soon complained, as it was only for 18 months, an absolute no hope for employment. After only 2 months it was cancelled, a further 3 months of illegal driving & they sent me a B + E (3.5t + 2t trailer), not a C/D + E, unlimited weight & size. This new one was only for 1 year, due to my "serious mental illness". When that ran out, they were 2 months late with the free renewal, backdated to the correct date. So I was not driving that 2 months illegally, then?Should I be driving at all, as a public danger, should I still yet be "sectioned" & locked up?I have never yet been "sectioned", & no one has ever attempted to prove any form of mental illness, they arrogant ba . . . .do do not need to prove anything. They are neither victim, nor culprit. I have only driven 35,000 miles in the past 3 years, attempting to sort this mess, still yet without work-permit, still yet on full Incapacity. That 35,000 miles does not include the "cash-in-hand", which I flatly refuse to do, for obvious reasons. The insurance is far heavier than the license, @ 3 years disqualification, (other than in accordance with fully paid insurance), + 10 points each for "hit & run", (failing to stop/failing to report).I continue to deny any form of mental illness, severe or not, but believe that I have a full RIGHT to full Disability, at least until I receive the Compo for such sick injustice/Miscarriage of.If we ever did see correct & proper Social Democratic Justice, which sadly, is still yet illegal, all charity, legal or not, as also all "self-help", including "cash-in-hand", would become completely redundant.Sadly, I am not a fully qualified Vet, therefore I have no chance, or hope of sorting the fantastic Benefit system.How long before my Benefit is broken again, complete with the relevant Housing & Poll-tax arrears, resulting in more eviction threats/intimidation, more ongoing debt, & more completely futile appeals. I always need at least 3 appeals in a row, all simultan, never just one, & always futile.Legal aid is not for us, who need it, it is only for the stinking rich. We do not "qualify". The legal industry & the justice system, including all bankers, insurance & civil service, all P . . in the same pot anyway. All a complete waste of space.As one totally innumerate & illiterate waste of space to another, I hope the past 2 hrs have been worth it, & that you learn something useful from this.Bless, & enjoy.

  11. tom says:

    my sister has suffered from clinical depression for many years, in march this year her incapacity benefit (incapacity was £26 above the income support benefit ) stopped taking over by employment support allowance. she was required to take a work capability assessment, she wasn\’t examined, instead she was interviewed by an ATOS health practitoner ( a girl at a computer),my sister can sit, stand, wiggle her fingers, curl her toes, to look at her physically shes fit, the problem is in the mind, her doctor, psychiatrist agree as to her mental condition, the department of works and pensions have no faith in her doctor or psychiatrist or indeed anyone elses. she waited a few weeks before the result of her assessment, my sister failed her assessment. nothing was explained as to what would happen next, she thought she would revert to income support, NO what did happen was her benefits ceased, she was left destitute, she was awarded a crisis loan, my sister decided to appeal against the decision and referred to job seekers, during the appeal procedure her money was reduced from £64 to £51 reduced further to £49-50 for repayment of crisis loan, it took six months for the date of the appeal to come through, she had been informed it would be three months, the appeal panel consisted of a GP and a Lawyer, no psychologist or psychiatrist, she is suffering from a mental condition.her appeal failed, her benefit stopped, this had been expected and she needed to apply for employment support allowance, off to the local job centre to register. the staff at the centre were very nice and told that she would need to make an appointment, which she requested, they declined appointments had to be made by telephone, to which she was directed to a telephone across the room, the call was made and appointment arranged but not until another seven days as the supervisor was busy at another office, at the time i was helping my sister with money the best i could, but she had get yet another crisis loan, then the application (tome) form for employment support allowance was recieved, filled in returned, subsequently returned because some boxes havent been ticked. i decided to return the application form by hand, only to find it was a PO box return.the application requested a doctors certificate, the doctor gave one for eight weeks,which was attached, so my sister has been taken off incapacity bentefit by DWP, failed an ATOS test for work capability assessment, failed an appeal, with a Lawyer and GP who contradicted my sisters doctor as to her medical condition, then request a medical cerificate so she can recieve a benefit from them. there is a condition by the DWP as regards Employment support allowance, the condition that she may have to attend a medical assessment regarding her benefit

  12. janet says:

    Diane is obviously a person genuinely in need of care and benefits. My wish for her is that she will always receive the good quality care she deserves and that she has many more good days than bad . However, as support worker myself, I see so many people who know how to \’work the system\’. They get benefits such as housing,& council tax, incapacity and DLA when basically they are just as capable as a lot of people. They don\’t need or even want support but if they have a support worker this helps them to get DLA. It makes me sick when there are genuine people in need such as Diane yet others get money thrown at them because they are too lazy to work yet they end up better off then people who do work . Incidentally, however, it is not only those on benefits who need to keep warm with a duvet. I work between 40 and 50 hrs a week, pay full rent and council tax and most nights sit with a duvet round me because I can\’t afford the heating. I don\’t begrudge the disabled any benefits but I do begrudge the scroungers who get away with it – many of whom have done for years and will continue to do so.

  13. david says:

    I agree with Janet about the scroungers getting away with it. My daughter who has never worked but receives DLA is a case in point. Her disability? She is a DRUG ADDICT yet receives enough money in benefits this year alone to fund TWO all inclusive holidays abroad. I\’ll bet Diane could do with a decent holiday and my daughter CHOSE her lifestyle !

  14. MASTER says:

    Piper, if you are sitting there wading your way through all these conributions, and getting a sick headache working it all out and making sense of it, then you may just be getting a little taste of what its like to claim IB or DLA. Just a little taste, for you its just an academic exercise, and your survival does not depend on it.Yes, Piper, its one thing living or surviving, on these amounts, knowing that very soon the nightmare will be over and normality will prevail again. Its another game altogether to be submitted to the callous and cruel process of claiming and being assessed by incompetent, unprofessional and uncaring so-called doctors who actually hate sickness ( depth psychology) and therefore hate the sick and treat with utter contempt or denial what cannot be cured with a profit making magic bullet from the drug companies who provide them with their perks and freebies and jollies to lighten their load. These doctors are no more than puppets of the politicians,instruments of state social engineering, neither healing the individual nor the body politic. Greedy,selfish money grubbing frauds as our elected representatives make scapegoats of the poor as they always have, trading on ignorance and apathy and making certain that we are beaten down to stay ignorant and apathetic. Who pays the piper, calls the tune. Always remember; it was doctors who sat at the gates of Auswicz ( Arbeit macht Frei! ) and with one cursory look decided who was die immediately and who could be exploited a little longer, wether for labour, as experimental guinea-pigs or for personal sadistic gratification. Welcome to the 4th Reich.

  15. Unknown says:

    Just Vote BNP , then our troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan , We would withdraw from europe , Put a halt to mass Immigration- That would save money for Genuine cases like you. The alternative is a doomsday scenario of an Islamic takeover in 15 to 20 years time. It amazes me how we bend over backwards to please Asylum seekers than our own people whom have paid into the system all of their lives. Watch this space

  16. Gaye says:

    My step daughter is an alcoholic and has recieved incapacity benifit for the last two and a half years and she justs spends it all on alcohol,in my opinion she should never have been given it ,incapacity benefit should go to the truly disabled who deserve it and need it

  17. David says:

    we should only pay for people who them and their families have paid in not anybody who gets here by any means who know they will get every thing they demand at our expense but the government wont listen to the people stop them all coming or the country will end up not worth living in were almost there now.

  18. madeline says:

    i am disabled and have been for long time , i only get dka and sda with incomesupport , what worries me is if they cut it down or i lose it my age goes against me because am 58 now and in two months time i be 59 i have not got much longer before am 60 but i have a sister who cares for me i have ostroprocies and find it difficult to even sleep at night i only sleep for 2hrs before the pain is so bad it keeps me awake alot i dont know what i can do i have sen my doctor and all he can do is give me painkillers co-drolmol and thats all i have diebities to and ahtmas to what else can go wrong in life i try to stay positive all the time but help is not an issue its people who like the goverment dont understand with out help we are usless but its there atiuied that i dont like they always want to cut the benifit we get how do they think we can live is it on fresh air i dont think so things cost us so much and yet we are punished for beening illis that fair. madelie

  19. andrea says:

    i agree that genuine disabled people should get help,like children with ie autism ,down syndrome ,spina bifita adults in wheelchair, long term chronic pain for example but what is happening now is that the genuine claims are being overshadowed by what i call lazy, lying, fraudsters who know the system and the loopholes and abuse it i makes me sick. i would say at least half of the claiments out there are not genuine and can work and are not as bad as they say they are, i find we are living in a scrounger society where certain people want something for nothing just pure greed ,as long as the government continues to line their pockets with money they will not get off there lazy ,greedy backsides and get work.right now i know family and friends that claim for these so called disability payments and the money is not spent to better there lives it goes on nights out, booze clothes, hairdos, fancy gadgets etc i know someone who claims for asthma and smokes 20 cigarettes a day and drinks evey day a lot put there illnesses on like limping, walking with a stick, pretending to struggle.i am writing this because i feel so passionate about this subject i am angry that the government is wasting tax payers money on scroungers, liars and cheats the system needs a shake up help the genuine fish out the scroungers.

  20. harvey says:


  21. harvey says:


  22. baz says:

    could i live on £95 a week, hell yes! infact id be over the moon as i only get £65 a week and that dont go far, better still someone could give ma a damn job!

  23. fredrico says:

    As a 76 year old pensioner,and receiving the State pittance! I am luckier than many,and despite the fact that i was able to pay into a private scheme, and a small portion of my wage as a skilled craftsman! So miniscule,it dos\’nt warrant income tax! However,my wife,paid the married woman\’s stamp-or tax? And since such a stoppage was and is a con,as it covers nowt!

  24. fredrico says:

    Indeed! as harvey fair states; "Stop letting in immigrants!"and of whom are claiming our benefits,and \’expenses\’ that are denide our own indigenous folk! Their own country\’s Governments must be pursuaded to look after their own!

  25. linda says:

    hi im lyn, i had just signed my son into his secondry school and finished a fitness training course when i had a cupboard crash plus 2 car crashes the same year, i used to train everyday, swim a mile, be out everyday enjoying the freedom of a single parent, then i got aches n pains that the doctor was investigating, 10 yrs later i have been told i have artritus in the neck, making my arms so painfull and my hands burn, i try to do things but i just drop, smash, brake everything,i should go into demolition really, i had a doctor who thought i "looked alright" on a one off day and now wots a highlight of the week outting,i am exhausted with the doctors attitude and the money piltering parliment, love to go work in the big house for a day, he will think twice about getting ill people to work,result disaster.ha! moneys too low but as i seem to be in bed alot i dont get out to shop my boyfriend does it all,im lucky and very appreciative for his support, all the depressing days when hell catch me having a cry through fraustration,i have to take hill billy heroin twice a day and even then that dont stop the nagging doctors thrown me out the surgery as he so scared to administrate the drugs that the chronic pain clinic put me on? my mental health is a rollercoaster,i lost faith in our docs and goverment a long time ago

  26. piper says:

    Thanks to everybody for their comments and stories. Am shocked to hear what some of you are going through.

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