A Last Nod to Homemade Christmas Decorations

Now, I know that Christmas is very much behind us and all of us are looking ahead to what the New Year holds. I for one have been busy on my blog for MSN, making my frugal New Year’s resolutions. But before the Christmas decorations come down tomorrow on twelfth night, I just had to share this photo with you.

After a discussion about home-made festive decorations over the holidays – I featured a piece on the frugal life blog in December about this – and seeing an episode of River Cottage where Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall made edible decorations, my other half DJ was suddenly inspired to make his own. He was particularly taken with Hugh FW’s dried orange slices decorations and promptly snapped up some oranges from our local green grocer and made his own.

You slice up the oranges (DJ reckons you need about two large oranges to decorate a six-foot tree) and then dry them in the oven for two hours at a low temperature. Then you leave them to dry out further, such as in an airing cupboard for example. Eventually, when the orange slices are completely dry, they become beautifully translucent and ready to use. You simply cut a piece of cotton thread, thread it through your orange slices and then hang them on the tree and they look terrific.

Unfortunately, as DJ had only really thought of this by about Christmas Eve (!), the orange slices spent most of Christmas cluttering up the kitchen and were only ready to hang in the tree this week. Yesterday I told him that he had better hurry up and display them as the tree will be taken down on Thursday this week as it’s twelfth night and, so superstition has it, it’s bad luck to leave them up past this date. So he got to work while I was out at choir last night and finished them off.

Don’t they look amazing? I was really impressed when I got home and saw them all sparkling away in our tree. I will definitely get him to repeat his handiwork in readiness for Christmas 2011. We’re not sure if the orange slices will keep until then but, if not, we can make some new ones – perhaps slightly more ahead of time than we did this year!

What do you think of them? Would you make homemade Christmas decorations for next year?
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