Can you help us find a new home?

Apologies – it’s been a busy couple of months so I haven’t updated the blog for a while. A lot’s been going on. I’ve been busy on my Frugal Life blog for MSN lately. As part of MSN’s special Moneysaving Spectacular, I’ve been carrying out a new challenge – investigating the pros and cons of buying items second hand vs brand new. I’ve been looking at everything from buying new clothes and books to investing in second hand furniture. It’s been great fun and very educational for me and we’ve been getting some great comments. To read the latest entries click here.

I’ve also been writing for the Energy Saving Trust’s blog in my capacity as their Green Voice of the UK. DJ and I are thinking of moving and finding somewhere where he can fit more vegetables into the garden! Here’s my latest blog entry for them about our search for an energy efficient new home.

And finally, here’s where you might be able to help. We are on the look out for a new home in the beautiful Essex countryside – ideally with a bit of land and within driving distance of a good rail network. DJ is keen to have more space for our hens Missy and Marmalade and more room for his ever-expanding veg empire. Can you help us find somewhere? We would consider a home that needs renovation or even a barn on an existing farm with access to land and planning permission (existing or in the works) for a home.

I know it’s a longshot, but if you’ve got any leads, please drop me a line at or via twitter where I’m @thefrugallife

Thanks! Piper x
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