Selfridge’s Project Ocean

How are you doing? Hope you’ve had a good May and are enjoying June! Our fruit and veg garden is really starting to get into its stride. We’ve got some delicious strawberries on the go – in fact, if I’m honest, we’re struggling to keep up with them – and the courgettes are already starting to form. I’m really looking forward to July when the garden will be teeming with produce.

But it’s not just veg that’s on my mind this month but also fish. Tomorrow – 8th June – marks the Globe World Ocean’s Day Summit which is recognised by the United Nations and celebrates the world’s seas and the contribution they make to our lives. Representatives from 27 EU member states will be descending upon Selfridges’ London Store to discuss the state of the world’s oceans and what can be done about our depleted fish stocks. As many of us will be aware from the great campaigns by the likes of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, many fish species around the world, including cod and haddock, are overfished and we must eat alternatives.

The summit forms the climax of Selfridge’s Project Ocean campaign, currently taking place at its store in Oxford Street. If you’re based in the London area and you’re looking for something a bit different to do this month then why not check it out? In partnership with the Zoological Society of London, and around 20 conservation groups in total, the world-famous department store has launched Project Ocean to highlight the overfishing of our seas. The organisers are trying to raise awareness among shoppers of what a world without fish would be like and to offer ideas for alternatives to overfished species. Selfridge’s chefs, together with the Marine Conservation Society, have put together a free fish guide with ideas for alternatives to cod and haddock and recipe ideas.

It’s not all po-faced and serious, though, you’ll be glad to hear! Apparently there are frogmen wandering the aisles of the store, a balloon installation, art exhibitions and also flashy ‘No More Fish in the Sea?’ T-shirts by legendary designer Katherine Hamnett.

The event is in its last week – it ends on 12 June – so why not pop along if you can to Selfridge’s London store on Oxford Street and see what’s happening? To find out more, you can visit Project Ocean’s Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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