Energy Saving on BBC Breakfast

I got an urgent call out of the blue on Tuesday lunchtime from the Energy Saving Trust which I work with as their Green Voice of the UK. “The BBC want to do some filming with you about saving energy as temperatures have dropped so low this August, can you do it?!” I stepped into action – well, mainly rushing about tidying our house which was something resembling a compost heap and making sure it was fit for the team from BBC Breakfast to film in.

Here’s a link to the piece on the BBC Website.

It was great fun – especially filming the shower clip about the amount of energy it takes to heat water. Our bathroom is tiny so you can imagine how difficult it was to fit myself, the reporter Laura Yates and the cameraman Jamie in there. I got quite wet standing next to the shower, actually, as I kept fluffing my lines and having to do it again! They were so professional and patient and did an amazing job.

We had a lot of fun but I also hope we made everbody think about how they can cut their domestic energy use. It’s certainly made me wonder what else we can do to conserve heat in our home – and save money – and I’ll be doing my best to stick to my guns and not put the heating on until we really have to. These recent price rises are a worry, though, as they are so substantial. My own supplier has hiked gas prices by 19 per cent and electricity by 10 per cent and many people are already worrying about paying the bills, not just for energy but everything else at the moment. I think many people will struggle and it’s been so unseasonally cold recently that I know quite a few friends have considered putting the heating on already this year.

For more energy saving tips, visit the Energy Saving Trust’s website where you can also carry out a web-based home energy check too. And let me know if you have any energy saving ideas of your own to share with me.

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3 Responses to Energy Saving on BBC Breakfast

  1. The options for me are often quite frustrating as a renter, but I try to do what we can. I was desperate to put the heating on last night, but I just put my fleecy dressing gown on instead!

  2. piperterrett says:

    It can’t be easy renting as it’s not as though you can change your boiler or do much to the house without the landlord’s say so or spending out money on things you can’t take with you when you go 😦 Still – good for you! I have to say that I’ve been wearing flannel pyjamas and socks in bed the last few nights. It’s been freezing! Have also switched to our winter duvet too. You can’t beat a nice warm dressing gown, although I’m not sure my husband’s impressed!

  3. Christine says:

    In order to keep rent and costs down our housing association decided to not replace boilers till they are clapped out long ago. So pretty much like a lot of householders then. To date they have been pretty good at putting in cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, double glazing. However the programme for putting in double glazed doors came to a halt when the price rose to £800 a door (well that was the price they quoted to us tenants). Now that the association has rolled itself up into one with two other housing associations to control costs (!) who knows what will happen (less). Trouble is – that when you work from home or don’t work, it can be hard to nip off to use the heating somewhere else with cost of transport. Thick curtains to keep the heat in (not a lot of those in the charity shops now as people are keeping stuff and you want to see the prices new for big windows like my north facing bedroom one), warmer clothes (costly as not a lot being given to the charity shops) and keeping moving round the house (hmm – 3 rooms so not a lot of moving to do when cleaning even with only one of me) …. It takes the same amount of heating to keep a place warm for one as it does for two or three or four. And whatever “they” say, those energy efficient light bulbs don’t give out as much light as the ones that are no longer sold. It takes two lights to make this room light enough to see in.

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