Merry Christmas

Sorry, this is later than advertised as I’ve unfortunately been ill lately with a nasty cold bug, but here is the interview I was telling you about that I did on the Chrissy B Show recently. It’s about 15 minutes into the piece but do watch the first segment with Michelle Nicholson, who runs the Being Creative blog, as it’s really interesting and inspiring. I’m back on again in a pre-recorded interview on Boxing Day on what to do with unwanted Christmas presents. If you have Sky channel 203 you can catch it at 9.30pm-10.30pm then or it’s repeated again on Thursday 27th December at 2-3pm.

Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas. Have an amazing time. Also wishing you a wonderful 2013. I’ve got a good feeling about next year! Take care, love Piper x

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