New TV show – Something for Nothing

Just a quick message for anyone this might interest. A nice lady who is helping developing a new TV show for Channel 4 called Something For Nothing called me last week. She is looking for interesting frugal-minded people to feature on the show.

The programme will look into the things that you can get for free – busting or proving popular money-saving myths along the way and featuring meeting everyday heroes who’ve used their skill, knowledge and persistence to achieve Something For Nothing on an amazing scale.

It could be someone who’s lived off skill-swapping for 3 years and has achieved services worth over £5,000. Or an example of it going wrong. Somebody who has furnished their whole office / house from skip findings – or maybe they’ve made money by doing things up and selling them on ebay. Or anything similar that might be a good story.

If you can help, please contact Lucy Weston at RDF TV on 0207 013 4275 or email

Good luck!

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1 Response to New TV show – Something for Nothing

  1. Hi. I’m Jenny Townsend and I appeared on this program as I have had £5000 worth of salon, hair, aesthetic and holistic treatments in the space of 2 years fro free by joining up with
    It wasn’t my best look as my face was swollen after a back op and lots of necessary prescription drugs. But I’m glad I did it as Salon Guinea Pig UK got the recognition they deserve. A good deed done and a lovely free or discounted treatment thrown in makes most people happy!

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