Huggable Hens

007Wow – how times flies. It’s been a while since I posted here for various reasons – suddenly having unexpectedly had to move house again for the second time in 18 months has been a bit preoccupying, not to mention exhausting (more on that soon…). And work, especially at the university where I’ve been working part-time, has been busy too this summer with tonnes of marking. More hopefully on all that very soon (the house stuff, rather than the marking…).

Anyway. The nice thing is that our new rental has a lovely big garden and the hens, Marmalade (the large orange hen) and Missy (the white one with the pretty black collar), once again have a bit more space to explore. Surprisingly, they and the cat have settled in really well very quickly.

003Even Marmalade has been making good use of all the garden, exploring various nooks and crannies. She is not normally an adventurous soul! There has been a lot of rushing out at 5.30am to let them out of the hen house into the run, though, as, with the bright mornings, the girls are often up with the lark and we don’t want to annoy our new neighbours with their impatient early morning squawks to get out.

Girl power 3The girls love their beauty treatments – if you don’t have hens then you might not know that dust-bathing is a popular daily chicken activity and one of their natural behaviours. As such, there are a number of spas which have ‘opened for business’ in and around the garden. Here are some snaps of them indulging in just one of them…a particular sophisticated affair near a lovely pergola complete with a jasmine bush…

Couldn’t you just hug them? Fortunately Marmalade doesn’t mind the odd hug…

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2 Responses to Huggable Hens

  1. They do indeed look very cuddly. Am I allowed to think about what they’d look like near roast potatoes? (guess not)

  2. piperterrett says:

    Ha! Just as well the girls haven’t learned to read yet…

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