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Want to get in touch? I love to hear everyone’s green living or moneysaving tips and ideas or just how you’ve made changes to your own lifestyle and budget. Leave a comment on the site, email me at or contact me via Twitter where I’m @thefrugallife


If you’re a member of the media and looking for comment or a radio guest, feel free to get in touch via my email address and I will try to help if I can.

A university lecturer and speaker, I have featured regularly as a guest on BBC Essex, BBC London, BBC Three Counties Radio and in 2011 appeared in an item on BBC Breakfast TV about saving energy. I have also given interviews and provided comment to publications including Tesco Magazine.

I have also presented a talk at the UK Aware Show at Olympia on saving energy in my former role as the Energy Saving Trust’s Green Voice of the UK, addressed MPs at parliament, as well as given talks to gardening societies, the U3A, women’s groups and local schools.


3 Responses to Get in touch

  1. D says:

    Thanks for the info on “Shopping Organic: A Price Comparison”
    would be even more useful to see a side by side comparison done of the same items in Organic vs. conventional so it is easier to determine what may be worth searching out and what may be worth leaving or catching on sale

  2. piperterrett says:

    Good point – D. When I write about again I’ll make sure to do that. Thanks again for your suggestion & for getting in touch 🙂

  3. Henry Aylmer says:

    In terms of energy saving I want to bring to your attention a ‘FREE TO USE’ service that not only will reduce the costs of mains water services to domestic, business, commerce and charity organisations.
    Whilst cost reduction is one objective, the saving of scarce water is high on my list of aims. I will provide advice and equipment for the saving of water FOC
    I will offer this to anyone in England and Wales only at this time. (OFWAT restrictions)


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