About The Frugal Life blog

The Frugal Life blog was created in 2007 – the same week as the run on Northern Rock and things went quickly downhill from then onwards!

I’d decided to leave my job as a journalist at the Financial Times Group to go freelance and work from home so I could spend more time on creative writing. I soon realised I would have to live on a much smaller budget and so I detailed my adventures and moneysaving challenges in this blog which ran on MSN.co.uk for four years between 20o7 and 2011.

It proved a hit during the credit crunch and spawned a book – The Frugal Life: How to spend less and live more (Good Life Press). You can read old posts in the archive section, including ones on living on the equivalent of the state pension, the jobseeker’s allowance, incapacity benefit, eating wild food and living on WWII rations. Just click on the section called ‘challenge’.

As well as The Frugal Life, I am also author of Bedroom DJ: A Beginner’s Guide (Omnibus Press, 2003) and published my debut crime novel Victim Support (Norsey Press) in 2011.  In 2009 I was appointed the Energy Saving Trust’s Green Voice of the UK  and served for two years.

After a few years in stasis, the blog is making a comeback and there will be a redesign soon and fresh layout, so watch this space!


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