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Staycation vs vacation: which is cheaper?

Are you frugal, hip and with it? Are you taking a trendy so-called ‘staycation’ this year? If you haven’t stumbled across the word before, it’s a new phrase popularised by the credit crunch which means saving money by taking a … Continue reading

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The price of a train ticket

A favourite bugbear of mine – the high price of travelling by rail in the UK – has hit the headlines again this week as it does periodically. The Transport Select Committee is concerned that the recession may lead train … Continue reading

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The cost of in-car kids’ entertainment

I received a press release yesterday from the Post Office entitled: ‘What price will you pay for peace in the car this summer?’ I was a bit puzzled. What could they be talking about? Occasionally DJ and I argue over … Continue reading

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How to enjoy a frugal summer

The sun is shining, the sky is blue (at least for the moment…) and now that school has broken up for kids around the country many of you will be entertaining them for the summer and looking forward to going … Continue reading

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Dealing with a vegetable glut

It’s that time of the year again when the home grown vegetable plot starts to come into its own. Our garden looks lush and abundant, with large dark leaves of foliage and flowers everywhere hiding mouth-watering crops of fruit and … Continue reading

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Cost of school uniform breaks the bank

My friend’s son will be going to secondary school soon and the family is busy preparing for the event. But while they are excited that he is growing up so fast, they are not quite so thrilled with how much … Continue reading

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Running a frugal business

Continuing the theme of setting up your own business this week, I thought it would be useful to take a look at ways to run a frugal venture and keep costs down. In any business, large or small, new or … Continue reading

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Starting your own business in a recession

Is your high street becoming like a ghost town? Watching The Specials on TV performing their famous hit at Glastonbury the other week, all I could think of were the empty buildings and whitewashed shop fronts to be seen on … Continue reading

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Summer spending patterns

How much do you spend in the summer compared to the winter? This is a question that’s been on my mind this week as DJ and I go through our summer finances. DJ raised the issue the other day when … Continue reading

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