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Frugal Luxuries

After a week of testing Asda Smart Price products, some of which were fantastic, others I’d prefer to live without, I have to say that it was seriously good to tuck into some of DJ’s fresh produce from the vegetable … Continue reading

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Brand vs Budget Brand: Food for Less

It may have been the rain or the quick blow dry I gave my hair, rather than the Asda Smart Price 14p shampoo and 27p conditioner, but my crowning glory was like something out of a horror movie all day … Continue reading

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Brand vs Budget Brand: the Toiletry Test

It’s day two of my Asda Smart Price brand experiment and already I’m feeling slightly off colour after dining on cut price goodies and…well…itchy. Today I tried out the range of toiletries I’d stocked up on for a mere £1 … Continue reading

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Brand vs Budget Brand

The bad news this week is that, according to research by Asda, families are £11 a week worse off now compared to last year. And all thanks to a 7.4 per cent jump in the cost of living. The good … Continue reading

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Credit crunch munchies

Am I the only one, or does anybody else out there have a severe case of credit crunch fatigue? At first I was calm when the HBOS furore began this week. Then it dawned on me our mortgage is with … Continue reading

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Redundancy – 11 ways to soften the blow

Looking at newspaper photos today of Lehman’s employees carrying their belongings out in boxes brought back memories today. I was made redundant after September 11th. I was working for a new company trying to do business with airlines which, after … Continue reading

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Our gas bill shocker

So much for my advice on trimming energy bills. I thought I was being clever recently changing gas and electricity suppliers from Npower to Scottish Power through USwitch. I felt smug when details of the new direct debits came through … Continue reading

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Fuel crisis: Gordon the energy outlaw

What a strange situation our government is in. As the body that creates our laws, it’s bizarrely found itself on the wrong side of it. Back in 2000 it made a commitment to outlaw fuel poverty. The Warm Homes and … Continue reading

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UK motorists turn frugal

I received an interesting email today – a rare thing for a Monday morning – a set of stats on how motorists are attempting to become more environmentally friendly. How lovely, I thought, that the UK’s drivers aspire to be … Continue reading

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Energy prices: Gordon is no Robin Hood

I’m not a great one for politics or politicians, even though my late grandfather was one, God rest his soul. But I’m getting a bit fed up with the way the government and its media spin keep raising people’s frugal … Continue reading

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