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Shopping Organic: The Soil Association Answers Your Questions

During Organic Fortnight I’ve been investigating whether organic food is really more expensive than non-organic and if it’s better quality. This week the Soil Association, which champions organic produce, has been kind enough to answer some of the questions we’ve … Continue reading

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Shopping Organic: The Taste Test

As it’s Organic Fortnight, I have swapped some of my grocery purchases for organic ones. I wanted to find out if they are more expensive than non-organic versions and how the quality compares. Last week I outlined the prices and … Continue reading

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Shopping Organic: A Price Comparison

To mark Organic Fortnight, I am substituting some of my usual shopping items with organic versions and comparing the price and quality. As we are inundated with home grown veg at the moment, I thought there was little point in … Continue reading

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Organic Fortnight

My recent downshifting challenge may have finished, but there are still plenty of other things going on over the next couple of weeks. Organic Fortnight has just kicked off and runs from the 3rd to 17th of September. Interestingly, this … Continue reading

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Downshifting challenge: Looking back

It’s three weeks since I began my downshifting challenge and now the experiment has come to an end. It’s been interesting trying to save money by moving down a brand in three different areas of my shopping, while also trying … Continue reading

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Downshifting challenge: Makeup

In the third and final week of my downshifting challenge, I have decided to investigate makeup. As you know, the point of the challenge is to shift down a brand or two and find out whether it’s possible both to … Continue reading

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