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Something to fall back on

Watching the news over the past few days, I’ve found it hard to raise a smile. The litany of job losses is disturbing – 2,500 jobs to go at Corus, 750 at Ulster Bank, and Barratts and Priceless Shoes have … Continue reading

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Chickens, Hugh, Tesco and the Credit Crunch Too

Did you see Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Chickens, Hugh and Tesco Too last night? The Channel Four programme documented Hugh’s campaign, which began last year, to improve conditions for supermarket chickens. As we keep our own hens, Lexi and Molly, I was … Continue reading

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Cowboys and Gunslingers: The struggle to find workmen

They say we will all remember where we were when Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States. Well, I was in deepest darkest Essex, getting my tyre replaced which, while not quite as historic or glamorous, was still … Continue reading

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Unexpected costs are everywhere!

Is it me or is it typical that when you’re watching every penny like a hawk, extra expenses appear from nowhere to jinx your attempts to save cash? First of all, there’s the car. One of the electronic keys isn’t … Continue reading

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Does Charity Begin (and End) at Home?

Like many people out there, I’m going through my personal and household spending this week to see where DJ and I can shed a few extra pounds. Every six months or so I review our budget anyway, but it seemed … Continue reading

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Subterranean Hospital Car Park Blues

How was your weekend? Mine was…interesting. DJ went to Wales to visit his Mum and yours truly was left to her own devices. I didn’t think there was too much mischief I could get into, but that was my first … Continue reading

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The Novice Vegetable Grower

I never thought this would happen, but over Christmas one of the things I found myself doing a lot of was browsing vegetable catalogues. Ten years ago if you’d told my 22 year old self that that’s what I would … Continue reading

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Frugal Resolutions

Have you made any financial New Year’s resolutions yet this year? With a feeling of trepidation I went back to my entry this time last year to remind me of the resolutions I set myself in 2008, and whether I … Continue reading

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Train operators should play fair

Happy New Year! Today being our first working day of 2009, DJ and I were shocked to find snow covering our part of glorious Essex. In fact, DJ was just about to go to work before we realised! It was … Continue reading

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