Demonstrating kitchen hacks live on BBC Radio 4

Me with Maria Mcerlane & Nimco Ali in the green room with Dolly the dog

I had a really exciting Sunday morning this week. As a busy Mum, I don’t often get into London these days but last week I got a surprise invitation to appear on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme. It’s normally presented by Paddy O’Connell – long ago when I had a job at BBC Television Centre I used to process his invoices – but this weekend political correspondent Jonny Dimond was standing in.

I’ve been interviewed many times on the radio but never before on Radio 4, so it was a real treat. We were not just talking kitchen hacks but trying them out on air to see if they really work, which was good fun. Not all of them did. A video on a cunning way to peel garlic cloves had been doing the rounds on Twitter and some time ago I wrote a piece for Mirror Online on life hacks, hence the invite.

Do have a listen – its here about 22 minutes into the programme. I can highly recommend the banana peeling hack which I picked up from a Nectar card seminar on life hacks back in 2017 courtesy of author Annabel Staff.

In the green room I met newspaper reviewers Maria Mcerlane, an actress you will no doubt recognise, and FGM activist Nimco Ali. Maria brought her dog with her who apparently even goes into the studio with her and sits on her lap, she is so good. That would never happen with our pug Ralphy! I was up early in the morning – hence my particularly gormless expression… My excuse anyway…

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