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Serendipity: The case of the lost phone

A funny thing happened to us last week. We were out for a walk in the local park looking for the painted rocks that are so popular at the moment and my husband found a mobile phone under a tree. … Continue reading

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Our Local Food Swap

Some of the items at our local food swap Belated Happy New Year to you for 2015! It’s been a while since I posted, I know. 2014 wasn’t the fun year it initially promised to be for personal reasons and … Continue reading

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Talking moneysaving on the Chrissy B Show

Hope you’re having a good week. As I mentioned in my last post, recently I was invited on the Chrissy B Show – a London-based talk show broadcast on Sky channel 203 – to talk about living frugally and saving money. … Continue reading

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A frugal war on waste

I’ve been thinking a lot about my bin this week, which sounds a bit eccentric now that I’ve written it down…Oh dear. Perhaps I should get out more, as DJ suggests. OK – what I mean to say is that … Continue reading

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It’s not easy going green: your thoughts and comments

Thanks for all the comments and emails you’ve sent me about me winning the Green Voice of the UK competition run by the Energy Saving Trust and your thoughts on going green and saving energy. As you know, the point … Continue reading

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Does TV advertising still work?

A friend of mine told me the other day how her daughter demanded she buy her a toy she’d seen advertised on TV. She is barely three and still learning her vocabulary, but she was able to pronounce the rather … Continue reading

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Where’s Your Community Spirit?

The other morning we had a knock at the door. Due to the timing, I assumed it might be the postman or, if I was unlucky, somebody trying to flog me something I didn’t want. So I prepared to be … Continue reading

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Something to fall back on

Watching the news over the past few days, I’ve found it hard to raise a smile. The litany of job losses is disturbing – 2,500 jobs to go at Corus, 750 at Ulster Bank, and Barratts and Priceless Shoes have … Continue reading

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Would you sign the Compact?

I stumbled across an interesting experiment recently that I wanted to tell you about and which seems particularly pertinent right now given the spiralling cost of living. I wondered if anyone else had come across it. It may sound a … Continue reading

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Dreaming of the beach

 I’ve just been reading all the fascinating comments left on the ‘Carry On Abroad’ blog entry from people who’ve retired to all kinds of exotic places, not just Spain, which has long been popular, but Mumbai in India, Thailand and … Continue reading

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