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Incapacity benefit challenge: Disability & the workplace

Politicians are keen to get as many people as possible on incapacity benefit/employment and support allowance back to work, which is no mean feat in a recession. But just how easy is it for disabled individuals who are well enough … Continue reading

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Incapacity benefit challenge: Week two

It’s only the second week of my three week task to live on the equivalent of incapacity benefit (£89.80 a week) but already it strikes me how different this challenge is from others I have undertaken on the blog. Obviously … Continue reading

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Incapacity benefit challenge: Diane’s world

I did something amazing today. I showered by myself. I walked into town for 20 minutes. I got into my car by myself and I drove. A typical day for Diane, who suffers from back problems, arthritis and chronic hypermobility, … Continue reading

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Incapacity benefit challenge begins

It’s challenge time again on the Frugal Life blog. Cast your mind back to October this year and you may recall that the Conservatives revealed plans to review incapacity benefit if they come into power. Party leaders say they are … Continue reading

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A frugal war on waste

I’ve been thinking a lot about my bin this week, which sounds a bit eccentric now that I’ve written it down…Oh dear. Perhaps I should get out more, as DJ suggests. OK – what I mean to say is that … Continue reading

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Fireworks, cats and carpets don’t mix

It’s hard to believe, but the frugal life found its way into the Sunday Times this weekend. Eco-journalist Gordon Miller braved the wilds of Essex last week to interview me at home about winning the Energy Saving Trust’s Green Voice … Continue reading

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Remember, remember the 5 November: Gunpowder, treason and…compost

It’s Guy Fawkes’ night again and I can almost smell the bonfires. I’m not a big fan of fireworks as they frighten our chickens, but there’s something satisfying about a good bonfire this time of year. We didn’t used to … Continue reading

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A frugal mushroom foray

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for…well, probably not that big a surprise for anybody who reads this blog regularly. It’s that time of year again when strange fairy rings of fungi appear in fields and … Continue reading

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