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Foodbank for Thought

I’ve been chatting to a man this morning who has restored my faith in human nature – something which was seriously waning after reaching ‘Day 21’ of the Daily Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses investigation. Jeremy Ravn is network manager of the … Continue reading

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A New Frugal Generation?

The other day I got talking to some people I met at a seminar. Inevitably, the conversation turned to the credit crunch and one guy revealed he was writing a book about it. When I asked him the billion dollar … Continue reading

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Is Holidaying in the UK Frugal?

I swear the sun was shining when I sat down to write this, but now, in typical British fashion, a large black cloud has appeared across the sky. Summer is galloping closer (is it me or is this year flying … Continue reading

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A Smashing Vegetable Garden

Having used an inordinate amount of space on this blog lately to rant about the government and its plans for our money – whether to pay back its borrowings by working us to the death or keeping MPs in moats, … Continue reading

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MPs’ Expenses: Don’t they get it, yet?

I lay awake the other night unable to sleep, I was so angry after reading pages and pages about our MPs’ egregious expense claims meticulously reported by the Daily Telegraph. This whole episode fills me with such rage that I … Continue reading

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MPs Need a Frugal Makeover

I am tempted to send a copy of The Frugal Life: How to spend less and live more to the House of Commons. That way, MPs wouldn’t have to waste more taxpayers’ money by buying their own. After all, we … Continue reading

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Working Our Way to the Grave

Michael Caine caused a bit of a kafuffle after the Budget last month when he joked that, aged 76, he gets up at 6am every morning to go to work on behalf of benefits claimants. Caine is angry about the … Continue reading

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What’s Your Frugal Blind Spot?

I had this horrible dream last night which I’ll blame on the cheese on toast I had yesterday afternoon. I know it’s supposed to be an old wives’ tale about cheese, but I’ve always been able to trace a direct … Continue reading

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