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A virgin swisher

Yesterday I held my first swishing (clothes and accessory swapping) session at my home. It sounds ridiculous but I actually got nervous, wondering what my neighbour Nina would make of my unwanted clothes and accessories. She has her own funky … Continue reading

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Is swishing the new black?

Have you heard of swishing? When I first came across the expression, I thought it was the sound my curtains make when I’m spying on the neighbours. But it’s actually a frugal craze that’s been sweeping across the globe during … Continue reading

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Your tips for a frugal summer

With volcanic ash polluting the skies and horror stories about people sleeping at airports and expensive journeys home, you can be forgiven for ditching the idea of a summer holiday abroad. Suddenly travelling by train or car to a holiday … Continue reading

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Would you ask for a doggy bag?

As of last weekend, I am another year older. I am definitely greyer but, as for wiser, I very much doubt it. Unusually, my parents were over from Ireland to help me mark my birthday, which was very enjoyable. Normally … Continue reading

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Our unsung frugal heroes

Thanks for all your comments on what you’d like to see from a new government on the financial front. Some great ideas there – keep them coming in. What a shame the frugal party isn’t out there canvassing for votes! … Continue reading

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What do you want from a new government?

Let’s face it, it was Britain’s worst kept secret but finally, after months of speculation, we now know that the General Election will take place on the 6th of May. Parliament has been dissolved and, around the UK, campaign posters … Continue reading

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Gearing up for the growing season

While I’ve been busy with the rationing challenge, I haven’t had the chance to tell you what else has been going on in our household lately (besides forcing World War Two crumb fudge on DJ and giving us both bellyache). … Continue reading

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Rationing challenge: Looking back

I’ve just returned from the Easter break and have now finished my Cuban rationing challenge. Luckily my cold is now gone (thanks for your kind well wishes!) and I can actually taste and smell my food, which is a novelty. … Continue reading

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Cuban rations: confined to quarters

This week in my rationing challenge, I am trying to live on the equivalent of the weekly rations citizens in Cuba receive from their government. I was all geared up at the beginning of the week to get stuck into … Continue reading

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