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The frugal grumps

Well, I’m afraid that you find me feeling altogether a bit grumpy today, and it’s not just the miserable weather we’ve had this week. I wish that I could say it was all down to my outrage at the pathetic … Continue reading

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The Wild Bunch

Thanks for all your comments on the Frugal Top 20 Tips blog entry. There are some really useful extra tips and suggestions among them, which is brilliant, so thanks again and keep them coming! And thanks too for your comments … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not

How was your bank holiday? Mine was mostly great. We spent Saturday catching up on some gardening on the one day of sunshine allotted to us, and did our best to cope with Sunday and Monday’s torrential rain. But I … Continue reading

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The Frugal Top 20 Tips!

Some time ago now I prevailed upon you all to send in your top thrifty and moneysaving tips and declared that I would compile a list of the best, which I have neglected to do until now. So I am … Continue reading

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No place in the sun

With the sun shining and the temperature reaching a glorious 21 degrees this afternoon, you might expect me to be filled with the joys of spring. Especially when as a home worker I am – finally – and smugly able … Continue reading

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The reluctant vegetarian

This week is National Vegetarian Week and the Vegetarian Society is trying to encourage as many people as possible to go veggie, at least for a while, to experience what it claims are the benefits for your health. So I … Continue reading

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Chick c’est chic – part two

So where was I? Oh yes…Feeding your chucks is very easy and they tend to be voracious eaters. Feed them layers pellets or mash – we go through about one £7 20kg bag every two months or so for three … Continue reading

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Chick c’est chic – part one

So many of you have been in touch with me about keeping chickens that I decided it was high time I blogged about it in detail. Go on, I bet you’re tempted! Keeping egg-laying chickens is probably the ultimate in … Continue reading

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Would you sign the Compact?

I stumbled across an interesting experiment recently that I wanted to tell you about and which seems particularly pertinent right now given the spiralling cost of living. I wondered if anyone else had come across it. It may sound a … Continue reading

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Vegging out

Well, considering the lecture I gave everybody yesterday on growing your own veg, you will glad to hear I’m helping DJ plant out more vegetables today on his day off. After months of inactivity, the plot is starting to come … Continue reading

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