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Serendipity: The case of the lost phone

A funny thing happened to us last week. We were out for a walk in the local park looking for the painted rocks that are so popular at the moment and my husband found a mobile phone under a tree. … Continue reading

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Recent moneysaving articles: What I’ve been working on

How are you doing? This autumn I’ve been busy working on features for LoveMoney – everything from how to improve your home security, to the best value for money seeded loaf and how to make school packed lunches for kids … Continue reading

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Keeping down the cost of kids’ parties

Our son just recently celebrated his fourth birthday. It’s always tricky to keep the costs down with birthdays – it’s so easy for things to spiral out of control. You want to spoil them and, the older they get, the … Continue reading

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Favourite store cupboard recipes

It’s the end of the month but not payday yet and you’re stony broke – what are you going to cook for dinner tonight? You head to the fridge and there’s nothing there besides some floppy celery and that fish … Continue reading

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Demonstrating kitchen hacks live on BBC Radio 4

I had a really exciting Sunday morning this week. As a busy Mum, I don’t often get into London these days but last week I got a surprise invitation to appear on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme. It’s normally … Continue reading

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Would you buy stuff from your local dump?

Would you buy from your local dump? In my last post, I talked about the pros and cons of buying things second-hand. But would you ever considered buying something from your local refuse centre? Until I became a parent, it … Continue reading

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Baby stuff: Brand new or second-hand?

It’s been a very long time since I posted here & our lives have changed dramatically in that time. Nearly four years ago we had our little boy, Stellan. Recently I’ve been going through a small mountain of baby stuff … Continue reading

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Introducing our new hens

For the past few months we have been utterly inundated with eggs. It’s come as a bit of a shock to be honest as since we got our new hens late last summer, it’s taken them a while to get … Continue reading

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Hot Cross Buns: Taste and Value for Money Test

I’m sitting here feeling rather fat as I write this. I feel a bit guilty considering it isn’t even Easter yet, but I do have a good excuse. In a quest to find out which supermarket produces the tastiest and … Continue reading

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Can you name this weird vegetable?

OK… there are some strange vegetables out there in the vegeverse, like kohlrabi and celeriac, and I’ve met a few odd-looking parsnips in my time but this one really takes the biscuit. Or should that be stalk? Doug has been growing … Continue reading

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