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Looking for a lively speaker for your group? Then, do get in touch. Previously a part-time university lecturer at London Metropolitan University, I am experienced speaker – having also delivered talks to U3A Groups, the WI and other local groups, such as the South-East Essex Organic Gardening Association and Essex Police Museum. I’ve also spoken at parliament in my former role as Green Voice of the UK and at the UK Aware Show at Olympia.

Talks include: ‘How to be green without the sandals, beard or eco-bling’, ‘How I turned to crime: the business of writing a crime novel’ and ‘From gardener to grower’ – how Sweetpea Salads, my husband’s salad-growing business, got off the ground. I can also talk about being a journalist and am preparing a new talk on so-called ‘life hacks’, after being invited to demonstrate them recently on BBC Radio Four’s Broadcasting House programme.

I am mainly available in the mornings, evenings and weekends, but do get in touch and I will try to help if I can. I’m based near Hertford so am happy to travel within a short distance of that. Contact me at