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Rationing challenge: Cuban rations

A new week has dawned and a fresh task is quite literally on my plate as I continue with my rationing challenge. This week I will be trying to live on the equivalent of the rations Cuban citizens receive from … Continue reading

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Rationing challenge: end of WW2 week

To round off my week’s World War Two rationing challenge I have been busy baking. I thought making some sweets and cakes might fill me up and the action and scent of baking cheer me up at the same time. … Continue reading

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Rationing challenge: Day Six

If you follow this blog regularly you’ll know that over the past two and a half years I’ve carried out many challenges, from living on the equivalent of the state pension and the jobseeker’s allowance, to introducing wild food into … Continue reading

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Rationing challenge: Day three

  When I listed all my rations earlier this week on the blog, I thought it didn’t sound too bad. After all, there was meat, bacon, butter, cheese and even preserves listed there. But then I decided to weigh them … Continue reading

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Rationing challenge begins

Spring is here (allegedly) and it’s time for a fresh challenge on the frugal life blog. Many of you may be aware that 2010 marks the 70th anniversary of the start of rationing during World War Two. To mark the … Continue reading

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Vegetable Mad

I don’t seem to be getting much sense from DJ these days. Some people claim to be able to speak in tongues, but since March began, hailing the beginning of the growing season, DJ has only spoken to me in … Continue reading

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Ditch Bad Habits and Save a Packet

It’s No Smoking Day this Wednesday and charities are busy organising events around the UK to encourage more people to quit the evil weed. It’s got me thinking this week about how much we could all save by ditching bad … Continue reading

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The Hen-pire Strikes Back

The other day my neighbour knocked excitedly on our front door. She and the kids had brought me round the local paper. They wanted to show me a fantastic story in it about how, against all odds, a humble chicken … Continue reading

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Do we have to get mean to be green?

Why is it that some people do everything they can to recycle and save energy, but others can’t be bothered to put their newspapers in a recycling bag? And how do we get them to change their ways? I’ve been … Continue reading

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