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A weighty issue

I have to come clean and admit to something terrible on the frugal front – I’m afraid I’ve added to my monthly outgoings by paying to join Weightwatchers Online. Originally I signed up to a week’s free use of the … Continue reading

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Tax, tax and more tax

I’m a lot happier – and warmer – now our heating is back working. It’s amazing how you take these things for granted when they’re running smoothly. My mother rang this morning and told me off for not remembering to … Continue reading

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Frugal breakdown

We must have offended the mechanical gods somehow as slowly but surely things have begun breaking down at home. First of all, last week the bathroom light refused to turn off. I’d pull and pull the cord to no avail, … Continue reading

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Work life balance

My home internet service crashed and burned yesterday, which was a total pain given DJ and I were both trying to work from home. I say ‘trying’ as, frankly, not an awful lot got done. We were concerned that BT … Continue reading

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The wonders of bicarb

I would be lying if I said bicarbonate of soda is my favourite thing in the whole world. That honour – predictably – would probably be reserved for chocolate or small furry animals. Or, of course, DJ! But of all … Continue reading

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Get thrifty!

You’ve caught me in spring cleaning mode. When the daffodils start waving their cheerful heads around and the scent of hyacinths wafts through the garden, happiness for me is a warm duster. I feel compelled to run about the house … Continue reading

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Budget fun

I forced myself to watch all of Alistair Darling’s Budget speech yesterday lunchtime – oh joy.  Not that there was an awful lot in there that was terribly exciting. On the whole it was a pretty dull Budget with not … Continue reading

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Semolina City

Well, I’ve been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen this morning as part of my experiment in using up random kitchen cupboard items. I decided I’d have a go at using up some of the semolina and try … Continue reading

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Peppermint tea time…

Ouch…I seem to have given myself indigestion, hence the peppermint tea. I was rushing about this morning catching up on some boring old household chores – cleaning the kitchen floor which was covered with mud (poor Thelma’s eye is playing … Continue reading

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A tour around our garden

The weather was good enough this afternoon to pop out and take this little video of our back garden and DJ’s vegetable plot…Hope you like it! One correction though – what I pointed out as our leeks are apparently garlic … Continue reading

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