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G20: Don’t Blame it on the Suits

I’ve been reading about the security preparations for the G20 summit this week and I can’t help but be filled with a sense of unease, despite the peaceful protests in London over the weekend. Perhaps it’s silly of me. After … Continue reading

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Jobseeker’s Challenge: Two weeks on

Thanks for all your suggestions this week on the Jobseeker’s Allowance and how much you think it should be, as well as your ideas for improving the Job Centre system and training schemes. You raised many interesting points which I’ve … Continue reading

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Jobseeker’s Challenge: The Jobseeker Strikes Back!

Thanks very much for all your comments on ‘Mr Bank vs Mr Jobless’ – my blog entry on how unfair it is that the banks get billions in bailouts, yet if you’ve lost your job through no fault of your … Continue reading

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Jobseeker’s Challenge: Mr Bank vs Mr Jobless

I’m sitting here feeling a bit confused. Perhaps you can help me work this through. Now, surely nobody can disagree that we’re facing tough times and, from your comments, many people out there have lost their jobs and are struggling … Continue reading

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Is Job Seeking Good for the Soul?

Last month the Bishop of London suggested redundancy isn’t always a bad thing, and that it could in fact be good for the soul. He argued that the ‘crackberry culture’ of people in the City was unhealthy and that getting … Continue reading

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Frugal Jobseeker’s Challenge

Let’s face it – redundancy is the elephant in the room right now. I don’t like to be so depressing, but many of us are worried about losing our jobs, if it hasn’t already happened. It’s a grim fact of … Continue reading

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How Honest Are You in the Credit Crunch?

I got talking with a friend recently about honesty in the credit crunch – whether people are willing to help each other out and return cash that they’ve found etc. or if they’re more likely to be pilfering items from … Continue reading

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My first attempt at ethical shopping

I ventured out on my first ethical shopping trip with trepidation. Would I comply with my own rules or would I fall at the first hurdle? At least I remembered to take my own bags. As my rule was to … Continue reading

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Do Ethics and the Frugal Life Mix?

We’re halfway through Fairtrade fortnight, which has got me thinking about ethical shopping in general. Before the downturn, buying Fairtrade, organic or environmentally friendly produce was all the rage. Green was the new black. But it’s funny how having fewer … Continue reading

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