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A pumpkin too far

DJ isn’t speaking to me. I’ve ‘accidentally’ arranged to go out on Wednesday night to meet a friend and it just ‘happens’ to be Hallowe’en. So he’ll be all alone in the house hiding from trick or treatsters that night, … Continue reading

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Fit and frugal?

It’s no good. I have to come to terms with it. I NEED to lose some pounds. Not from my wallet but from my waistline, where there are more than enough pounds to go round, if you catch my drift. … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming

I can’t believe it’s only two months before Christmas. Where does the time go? Where is my life disappearing to? Is there a big hole in the ground somewhere full of missing socks and time lost at work/commuting/on Facebook? And … Continue reading

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Down to the nitty gritty

Bank statements are a bit like Salvador Dali’s paintings – wonderful things but terrifying to look at. They always seem to show up in the post when you least expected, when you were hoping for a nice card or a … Continue reading

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Budgeting is a dirty word

It’s time for some serious frugal thinking. I’ve been shilly-shallying too long on the softer side of the Frugal Life, making my chutneys and dressing up in daft outfits (my cousin in Barcelona informed me I was a ‘silly thing’ … Continue reading

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If only TalkTalk would walk the walk

And preferably off a plank if you ask me! Sorry, I’m writing a complaint letter to the Carphone Warehouse and feeling cross, as well as empowered as complaint letters have always made me feel. Right from when I first complained, … Continue reading

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A not-so-frugal plague upon us

Typical. Just when I thought it was safe to put away the Lemsip I am plague-ridden once again. A very nice lady who took pity on my frugal circumstances last week and took me out for lunch I fear may … Continue reading

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Eighties throwback

The good news is that Doogs the cat is on the mend, despite endearing himself by peeing on the back seat of the car en route to the vet. Nice. As Jeremy Clarkson would say, there is nothing like the … Continue reading

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Pets don’t win prizes

Ah…it was all going so well…the chutneys, the apple pie. And then frugal disaster struck. Perhaps it was the smug jam making that did it. The pride before the fall. Drat. Whatever it was, my cat Dougal’s thirst for fighting/status … Continue reading

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Fruit loopo

Hope you’re not all appled out because despite the gourmet apple chutney I made over we are still drowning in the blighters… Fortunately the spice weakling that is DJ managed not to choke after sampling the chutney despite the chilli … Continue reading

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