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Hallowe’en beckons

It’s almost Hallowe’en again and I’ve been looking longingly at the last of the three pumpkins I grew this year as I want to turn it into a lantern. Don’t worry, I won’t be wasting the inside of the pumpkin. … Continue reading

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It’s not easy going green: your thoughts and comments

Thanks for all the comments and emails you’ve sent me about me winning the Green Voice of the UK competition run by the Energy Saving Trust and your thoughts on going green and saving energy. As you know, the point … Continue reading

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Your Green Voice of the UK

I am shocked to tell you that I have won something. Sadly it’s not the lottery (I gave up entering years ago when I didn’t win for three weeks running) and it’s not another windfall from a dubious solicitor in … Continue reading

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Confessions of a novice skip diver

Last week, in the pursuit of the frugal life, I entered unchartered territory. Frankly, it’s something I should have engaged in long ago but, surprisingly enough, the opportunity had never really arisen until now. I was walking home after meeting … Continue reading

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Energy Saving Week

It’s Energy Saving Week once again next week (19th – 25th October) and the Energy Saving Trust is encouraging us to look again at how we can go green and cut our domestic carbon footprint. There are lots of ideas … Continue reading

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That old chestnut

I had a strange conversation with a woman in the toilets in my local supermarket the other day – as you do… She came in and started drying her hands under the electric dryer, which I thought was a bit … Continue reading

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Getting hitched – the hidden costs

Did you see footage from an appalling wedding video the other night on the news or read about it in the papers? Mark and Sylvia Day in Wakefield forked out nearly £1500 for a professional photographer to take snaps and … Continue reading

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Incapacity Benefit: The Workhouse Shadow

I’ve just returned from a welcome break during which I deliberately avoided doing anything that might annoy me, such as watching party political conferences on TV. But now that I’m back in the saddle and catching up with all the … Continue reading

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