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Energy challenge: Five green energy options

I can’t believe how cold it is for this time of year! A friend of mine was in Stratford upon Avon yesterday and there was snow. What with the credit crunch, negative equity and job worries, many of us are … Continue reading

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Energy challenge: Cheap green energy at last?

This week during my challenge to save energy around my home, I’m looking at alternative energy sources. And I have to say I’m feeling pretty encouraged by some changes that could be afoot. I’ve just been speaking to eco-warriors at … Continue reading

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Energy challenge: Life without electricity

Yesterday I underwent my second energy task of the week – going without as much electricity as possible. I decided it wasn’t frugal to turn off the fridge and freezer and ruin the food and my pet lizards rely on … Continue reading

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Energy challenge: Life without gas

This week as I continue my energy saving challenge I am carrying out two experiments: a day without gas and a day without electricity. My aim is to discover just how reliant we are on these energy supplies, and what … Continue reading

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Energy challenge: Eight ways to save energy

Continuing my mission this week to conserve more energy around my home, I’ve been picking the brains of Richard Lloyd, the Energy Saving Trust’s regional manager for the East of England. He was kind enough to give me the following  … Continue reading

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Energy challenge: Saving energy around the home

Thanks for all your great comments on the blog. This week I’m hoping to target energy wastage hot spots around our home and find ways of dealing with them. So I made this little video earlier to show you where … Continue reading

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Energy challenge: Confessions of an energy waster

During the first week of my challenge to save energy, I’ve criticised the government and energy companies for their failings. But she who is without sin cast the first stone, and frankly, I’m no angel either. So I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Energy challenge: Is insulation the answer?

To take my mind off wondering whether I should take my cash out of the bank and bury it in the vegetable patch, I’ve been wading through the government’s new insulation scheme, greeted by a slow hand clap in September. … Continue reading

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Energy Saving Challenge

It’s getting chilly already, even though we’re only just getting into October. I passed my neighbour yesterday who was dressed from head to foot like an Eskimo, complaining about the cold, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the cost of … Continue reading

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Frugal chill-outs: Ten ways to pamper yourself in the credit crunch

Thanks for your suggestions this week for frugal luxuries. They demonstrate that credit crunch or no credit crunch, you don’t have to spend a fortune to pamper yourself now and then! Here are some great ones to try out over … Continue reading

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